The first images have been released....we will inform you of any changes in radar frequencies soon..

5:19 am
Urgent.....Urgent.....we interrupt the current transmission with an important announcement.....our radars are currently being jammed by an unknown object. I've sent our best man on board to top deck to scan for approaching life forms. He informs me images have been captured on our hypersensitive camera equipment. They are in the process of download, to our knowledge banks...we shall release images with the next transcript in the hope that someone on our interplanetary messaging system can identify the foreign object source....stay tuned as we try to determine if this is a friendly alien life form.....

Stuck with one of two option's, travel through the approaching life form or apply emergency breaking systems my choices were limited. Any sudden movement could be fatal with the cargo we were carrying, of course that's classified information only, so my choices were more restricted than I first predicted. Not that I needed to make a decision, the cloud like particles encased our travel vessel and all static signals became silent...and then a Voice was heard....

Who dares pass the gates of Lego Land...
I am the Lego King....
and this is my Lego Land...
we are Lego People and we like to Lego Dance...
were made of prefabricated material...
That click and snap to size
We are the Lego family
And we are Lego Wise
Our cities are made of Lego
and other plastic things
With our Lego Voice
You will here us sing
Welcome to Lego Land
Welcome to Lego Land
Our Music will make you trance
and think about good things
Like building Lego Cities
With All our Lego Things.
I am the Lego Man
I am the Lego King
So join my Lego People
And let Lego Time Begin..

Well the invitation seemed friendly and I heard my voice did say..
I am Iceexplosive...and this how I yourself before that I know you
speak the truth....for Lego Land is an empty land....without Lego food...

Before I did finish my speak there upon the console creep...a vision of a
Lego eyes turned to flashlights and an image I did take..
So now you know the words I speak, are imprinted with the Truth.

I accept your visit Lego Land...but time is short I must be quick for there
are other lands...and other places...other faces and other things....and one day I will return to you...and your Lego Things.


A coordination point is transferred to our incoming data banks, a recommended point for landing the vessel. Somewhat dubious, but none the less curious, a probe is dispatched, to monitor the approaching Lego Brain.

I've been in the space business way to long to trust anyone, I've met all types of space junkies, from cowboys to cargo looters, and I was not about to let my guard down for what seemed like a friendly invitation to engage in lego activities.
Prepare the consular office for welcoming activities, the computer responds,"activating communal meeting room ready for negotiations"...."The Ice Chamber is Prepared"... .....

Facial recognitions scan's completed, Lego Brain is allowed access. Primary doors are open, awaiting greeting party. Escort Lego Brain to the meeting room..

Welcome Lego Brain do make yourself comfortable. Lego Brain replies, "you have such interesting technology somewhat similar to Lego Land yet different".
"Yes", I reply, "we are similar but different, I tend to have an affinity to those things soft and furry, of course we use synthetics, we realize the animals of this world are far to precious to kill for merely decorative purposes". "My chamber by the way, was a gift from the people belonging to the "Land of Neon Lights", where you sit ,an anatomical reconstruction of the original meeting chamber. When its required for use the image held on disc is brought to physical form by anatomical remodeling of liquid plastic, when no longer require it is deconstructed to negative energy, somewhat like a black hole, and we increase our physical space for other compulsory on board functions".
"Interesting" Lego Brain replies, "well I am glad we have met to share these differences in our beings, perhaps I can be of some assistance to you.".
"Well actually now that you come to mention it perhaps you could be. I've heard in the South Quadrent of the Milky Way Galaxy a whole city has been submerged in water after a great tsunami, I'm sure that there are great rebuilding efforts already underway, perhaps you could donate some Lego Blocks to help rebuild their city. We could arrange for the next cargo ship to make a pick up"..
"I see"...says Lego Brain..."Give me a moment to process this information and I will let you know what our resources can afford"..
Lego brain is left to think

Lego Brain finishes calculations on Lego block board.
"Well Iceexplosive as you can see, we are a barren planet, and all Lego blocks are currently assigned to our own living quarter construction, that is not to say that we could not increase production to assist this emergency".
"This interests me"..replies Iceexplosive, I was under the impression that perhaps you imported the Lego".
"Why would that be?", questions Lego.
"Well I can't understand how such a planet would produce Lego Blocks".
"Oh I see, well our production techniques have come some way and of course we've had to remodel our Lego and ourselves to evolve with the changing environmental conditions...Once the planet was rich in Iron rise to the deep colors in our blocks, reds yellows and blues abounded....but mine and mine we did....until there was no color left to create the blocks you see adorned upon my crown...this is in fact one of my most historic crowns, and primitive in design....if you notice now", lead's Iceexplosive to the viewing platform
"Our Lego Cities have evolved with our technology and our resources, we have utilized the radium resources to create Glow in the Dark Lego blocks, these require no Solar light source to maintain their energy glow, and have a half life of 2000 years, which of course assists with our energy problem being so many light years from the sun.
We've also included the soft form curve into our building structures, which help channel planetary air currents. There have been so many fundamental changes in the way we live in Lego Land, I would need day's to tell you..and perhaps this is not what we have available if the people of Lego Land are to be of any assistance to you".
"This is true Lego Brain, and I'm sure there are many things to ponder with your technology", Iceexplosive replies.
"So then", Lego Brain persists," we shall supply a 100,000 tones of our premium grade Lego suitable for the Milky Way Galaxy and a design engineer to be picked up on the next cargo ship, I will advise him of the problem the Tsunami victims have suffered and we will build them a floating city, it will be shaped like a double crescent moon, and when the water and wind's rise in anger, the city will float and winds shall be channeled from whence they came."
"Lego Brain is Kind", I thank you and bid you well, perhaps we shall met again some day, and until that time...may you live long to evolve the minds of the Lego Kind.....

They part, Iceexplosive prepares for next adventure, while pondering deeply upon Lego Brain's contribution, she can't quite dispel the thought that perhaps all is not as it should be....????


Computer Speaks

Computer banks are registering a chemical change in environs directly related to Iceexplosive skin surface, current imbalance of skin emissions would suggest a mood shift towards melancholy, followed by what will become separatist behavior"...
Iceexplosive..."Well I can hardly become too separated from you can I, and that's the problem, its this ship, it's this existence , it's this life, just drifting from Cyber Colony to Cyber Colony, playing out life as if someday it's going to come to some great climatic end, but all I can hope for is a few meteorite showers to spice things up." When we make it to the Ophelone Galaxy, drop this cargo, I am off this ship and this way of life".
Ship goes silent, we can hear processing in the back ground. "Have you considered what might be causing these emotional shifts in your thought banks".
Iceexplosive...."No, but at the moment I know I need a change" .. , ship replies "there is time before we reach the Ophelone Galaxy, I suggest utilizing, docked transporters for short range trading trips".
"You know, your right....I could do with some space., and a new wardrobe ....prepare the Chopper...and get map targeting systems ready....I'm going for a ride"....

Computer switches operating platforms and in the distance, metal upon metal can be heard, one can only assume that the bowl's of the ship are preparing equipment ready for short range space exploration.....

12:46 am
Meanwhile as ship prepares transporter equipment, Iceexplosive fiddles around with Atomic Particle accelerator.......perhaps this will be useful ?????? hmmmmmm.
6:30 pm
Ship beckons : "Your transporter vehicle is ready, and a complementary cap has been selected to accompany your attire".
Iceexplosive approaches the docking area. "Excellent choice mainframe".

12:38 am
Iceexplosive , mounts her mighty machine...turns the engine on, ppppppprrrrrrrrr pussssssssyyyyyyyy, takes a casual look to the left, takes a causal look to the right....rolls the bike up to disengage platform, and click, safety lock prevents any further movement forward..

She say's "Okay boy's check her out"....Safety valve has engaged, holographic safety officers...

Check 1..Fuel lines clear
Check 2. Breaking systems check
Check 3. Weapons systems check
Check 4. Power Systems check
Check 5 Exhaust Systems check

"You are clear to disengage landing platform".....

Well we see a shot of Iceexplosive recovering from a wheelie.....and then suddenly the darkness surrounds her except for the occasional twinkle in the sky...she looks down at her dash board monitor and presses the eat out the first thing I want when I get off that ship, is take out, let's see what's in the neighborhood directory..
we see a number of flashing eat out at various locations in the galaxy...."stop..go back".....ahhha.....Mexican.....spicy as your ass Mexican.....and hotter than your ass up......Passing Comet....1.5 travel sectors..
Ice takes off in the direction of the nearest comet....and we watch in anticipation as the door to the Mexican Eatery dam....Ice thinks to her self.....Mexicans in a Mexican restaurant....(that's refreshing ..on her planet the Mexican restaurants are filled with would be Mexican Droids that really don't know how to make Mexican).

Okay where were Iceexplosive's chowing down on some tastie Mexican, she turns to the two guy's eating, and strikes up some casual conversation.....

Iceexplosive : So what you guy's doing this far out in space.
Mexi 1: Just topping up before our next stop off...and you..
Iceexplosive : Just jumping ship for awhile, having a break and trying to get my head sorted out.
Mexi 2: So whats wrong with your head...
Iceexplosive : Problems man, I've got problems ...
Mexi 1: You should talk to Rune.
Iceexplosive : Rune ??
Mexi 1: Yeah the chick across the plane......she's into all that vampire gear....she's good man...she can read your future ....maybe she can help you with your problems...
Iceexplosive : Across the Plane ?? What plane ??
Mexi 2 : Just go out the door...head over to that platform where the eroded rock, kind of looks like a Chiefs'll find out what I'm talking about...
Iceexplosive : I might just take you up on that...thanks for the advice.....Ice finishes eating and leaves a few minutes later for the eroded rock.

Walks about 10 mins....heat's bringing sweat to her brow.....we can't quite work out if its the weather on the comet, or the chilly from the Mexican.

Iceexplosive : You know this might not have been such a good idea...everything's safe...or at least in control on the ship...out are gone with the wrong advice..

Starts thinking she should turn back.

Then Bang....she walks, but is stopped dead in her tracks by some type of force field.
It actually hurt so,

Iceexplosive : "Shit"
A Voice From Beyond : " Who dares cross the Plane of Rune?".
Iceexplosive: "I Do".
A Voice From Beyond: "And what do you seek?"
Iceexplosive : "A solution to my problems."
A Voice From Beyond : "What is your problem??"
Iceexplosive : " I feel lost in space".
A voice From Beyond : "I see, you may pass the Plane of Rune, and we shall find a solution to your problem".

Iceexplosive walks towards the force field, this time she walks through, and there in front of her, a girl stands...

She Says "I am Rune".....

You all wait patiently while I upload Runes picture....more later....

Rune : "So you are lost, but now I would say you are found, agree".
Ice : "yeah but that doesn't make me feel any better".
Rune : "So it is your feelings rather than being lost".
Ice : "Of course it's my feelings its always my feelings, the feeling of being lost in space, you know where ever I am , there's space, and there bang in the middle of it's me, and now there's you floating entities, no actually more like a pinball, bouncing off of everything, but never finding a place on or in anything..until finally one day I drop down that little black hole and never pop up again".
Rune : "Hey who know's, you could discover a diamond mine on Planet
Sudon (Often neglected on space holiday's because there's nothing there), you've got to think positive.
Ice : Yeah right and I could end up with a tilt and not even get to see the game end right ??, anyway I thought you could read the future...maybe we should focus on that...
Rune : I will cast the stones.....and tell you what I see.

Rune rummages in the bottom of her bag, and pulls out a hand full of rather interesting stones....she casts them into the air, and low and behold there's an enormous noise.
Both react with surprise as the rock's explode and scatter in a multitude of directions.

Rune :"Oh dear"..
Ice :"Great, just what I need".
Rune : "It appears you are heading on a crash course, with what I'm not quite sure, this has never happened before.
Ice " will I live?".
Rune ; That's hard to say, but it will be cosmic".
Ice : Great....just like I said...I'm going to get hit by a comet".
Rune : My suggestion to you, make haste, and get to somewhere you know is safe..
Ice : Back to the ship....I've got to get back to the ship...
Rune:"Farewell Ice...may the spirit of the Universe travel with you.....".

We hear Ice shout her thank-yous and goodbye's as she scrabbles back over the rocky surface in the direction of her the meantime...the caverns of cliff faces with their unusual carvings shadow down on her passage.....

She Looks to the Sky...and Elephants fill her eyes..

Ice : " to the bike....before the lords of the sky fall down upon you.....

You of course wait for the Lords Of the Sky to be updated....very soon

24 am
So where exactly did we leave Ice...oh that's right..with the Lords of the Sky shadows casting their heavy presence over the landscape, as the evening sun drops in the distance....back to the bike...stumble....
"ahhh"...fall's....double "ahh"...lands on some mysterious plant that shoots little poison spears into her leg....."Oh great" as she wipes her hand across her leg..."Just what I need"....she feel's small lumps rising....get's back up...and in the distance spots the bike..she's torn her clothes....we notice....she hasn't at this stage....but it won't take long....arriving a little out of breath....but with a sigh of relief, she lifts her leg, notices the tear, and rubs her leg....there are so many hazards when you travel....puts her hand on the throttle and rev's it up...up...up...and away...we see the Mexican Eat Out vanish in the distance...and soon the darkness of space the distance...surrounded by the feeling of unlimitness...she looks down.. bends over and lifts her torn outfit...a throbbing pain, causes the action...

Throbbing Infection...

01 am
...well most of us already know, taking one's eye's of the super highway of life is your first mistake, it's just something you don't want to do....people die like that, but you know in space, it's a lot more hazardous, for starters, you've got all types of Aliens using all types of travel, and well, the occasional speeding meteor doesn't help things....lets see just what happens ..
Or in this case, what she's failed to notice happening....on the onscreen radar, we notice an object approaching from out of no where, a sound is heard that indicates the coming presence. She's startled into action because usually there's plenty of warning time to take evasive action, but that's a direct flight collision sound that's being pumped out the radar..."what the"...she hits the throttle to avoid collision with the unknown ...which in fact she can't even actually see...but then before her eye's....a tunnel appears....and she's blinded by the light....her usual hot wheelie out of there amounts to the bike being ripped from under her legs not only by the extra muscle she's pumped into the throttle, but by the vacuum that's created by the approaching tunnel......both her and the bike are sucked into it's path....and like things do....when neither life form are expecting the presence of the other...We have a problem...a collision of time, matter and space....which is far from being an earth shattering experience...because it is in fact a galactic can not pass through the we experience here is....a space collision....and this particle cloud....well'd think you'd just died and pearly gates of heaven had opened before all good comes to an end....we hear a voice.....
"You piece of waste of astro space, what the hell are you doing on my line"..
Well Ice, she's feeling her body, just to make sure it's still all there, she look's up slowly once she's realized that its all still limb's floating off in a trajectory...her face is blackened she wipes the soot away, she can open her eye's completely now...surprised she's not blinded....however it does take a couple of seconds for her to focus "Where the hell do you get off Jack off, do you see a no standing sign, no I don't think so, so put a sock in it, before I do".
Well this isn't going to well is it...
Ice slowly makes it to her feet....she look's around for her bike...which is embed ed in the side of the tunnel some feet away....
"Look what you've done to my bike" Ice say's.
"Look what you've done to my board"...Ice looks around, she's got no idea what this persons going on about....we see them, spin a wheel, that don't want to spin...
"What the hell is that"...Ice..
"Its my board"...
"and who, and for the great galaxies in space...what the hell are you doing out here on that"..
The stranger steps forward...and say's "I'm Rhyd...and I like to ride....and this here is my ride....and you are in my space....and you are in my tunnel....and you are about to piss me off...."....
Well we all know...that Ice....and explosions usually go together....but we have a volatile cocktail brewing here...
She wipes her brow, and looks through those blackend eye's..."Well Rhdy, she's says , you already piss me off, and I don't even know you...and you want to know something else...I don't think that's something you want to do"...
Rhdy...well Rhdy...will always' be Rhdy, likes to bite and tackle..."Ohhh....big bad nastie biker dude....what you going to me over with your bike"..."In case you haven't noticed, you look like you need a lift"...
Ice , has just pulled her bike out the side of the tunnel, is giving it a look over....
we hear her..."Oh...what you going to do ...give me a Ride to the next skate park..."..
Rhdy...enjoying the exasperation of the collision victim..."Hey never under estimate the power of the board...for it can be mightier than the Penis"..
Ice...mumbles under her breath...."oh dude man...skater dude man"..but can't help but smile.

We are only left with the questioning of what is to come next.....

12:37 am
Right...well so much for our two characters in suspended animation...

Rhyd...not realizing what his got himself in for....decides on trying to break the ice...which funny enough, his not aware his dealing with

Rhyd : "So biker dude....what are you doing this far out in space".
Ice : "First off my name is can call me Ice ...and I was taking some time out from being stuck on a ship floating out in the dark limits of space and nothingness ...heading for a destination, Ophelone Galaxy, where I have to drop some cargo. You know nothing too over taxing except maybe for a few collisions with cosmic dust...and you....of course you...
Rhdy : "Well dude I don't know where you went to Space school...but you forgot lesson number 2..."
Ice : "Oh yeah...what's that "..
Rhyd :"Never leave the ship "...
Ice : "Oh great highliness of space adventure....(Sarcasm)...and what's rule number one ??
Rhyd :" Well ...I might just tell you that when we get back to the ship ".
Ice : "Look dude...I mean Rhdy, you know I have no idea where you and your fountain of wisdomness came from, but I'd be much happier if you go wherever you were going and you let me get back to where I'm going...."..
She say's this as she's lifting her leg back over the bike.....problem is the fall and the crash...well don't many things and she ends up on her side...Rhdy moves to help her and notices the scratches on her leg....
Rhdy "Yow, you need some medical treatment..what happen?"
Ice: "I fell, and landed on a weird looking plant"....a space bubble appears above her head...and we catch a return glimpse of the plant


Ice: "I'll be fine once I get back to the ship...everything I need is there"

We will return in a moment

2:08 am
But you know what Ice......what we need to know is if you're going to make it back to the ship. You see, she's really not looking to well, and we can see that she's going through some kind of faint spell.....
Rhdy..."Look, let me take a look at that, I might be able to help"...
Ice...losing her composure to the head rushes, she's going through...tries to resist..
"No....No...I'm okay"..but too late...Rhyd has her leg in his hand, and is applying restrain her....not that its difficult she seem's to be going into some altered state..
Ice..."Uuuugh..what's happening to me", she looks at Rhdy and starts giggling uncontrollably...and fall's onto her back..
Rhdy is in the meantime smelling the wound from the planet she's just visited..
Ice giggling...."Do I smell like a flower"...we actually see flowers revolving around her head at this time...psychedelic flowers....
Rhdy...well his become quite serious....touches her leg, and wipes off some of the antibodies that are coagulating around the wound...
Well anyone who know's Rhdy...probably knows what's going on...for those who don't know Rhdy....well I suggest you find out...(Somewhere ??)...or look the other way....
thing's can get strange...and in space well things get stranger.... we see Ice looking up from her rather comfortable flat on her back laughing pose....and well her hallucinations just got that little bit scary..(maybe she's going to come to her senses??) she looks down her body.....she see's a tube fly out of Rhdy's Mouth and into her leg...this is followed by a sound something similar to sucking out the last few slurps from your favorite her it feel's like she's having her leg's done. Did you know in space...they make vacuum leg shavers ?? You know they work on the principles of suction rather than a blade your leg hairs are sucked out of their pores...rather than the cutting effect of the blade...which is heaps cooler because they don't grow back so soon, plus it doesn't leave them so dry....)
Ice..."Oh great...a free wax"...she giggles uncontrollably some more.
Rhyd..well we see the tube sucked back up into his mouth in the flash of an instant....and what we consider processing occurs...
Rhdy..."Just as I thought "..
Ice laughing...."Share your thoughts with me"..we see....endoplasmic thoughts swimming from Ice to Rhdy....
Well Rhdy......knowing what's going on...start's to explain.....
Rhdy "Ice.....he say's in all seriousness..."Your hallucinating........that plant that you fell's a Cactus of the genus Trichocerus.....commonly know as San Pedro Cactus...your suffering from the effects of drugs in zero gravity are in fact spacing out...
Ice....Uncontrollable laughing..."I'm spacing out...." .

2:36 am
Well as we can see , Rhdy's having a bit of trouble helping his newly found space wipe out back to her ship ..

Rhdy : "Ice...Ice.."....he say's giving her face a bit of a slap..."I'm going to take you back to your ship, but I need the co-ordinates"....
Ice looking up : " the wax finished ???, more giggles, "ship....what ship ??, are are on a cruise "....
Then well, how can I explain it....Ice...enter's some new trance state as she shakes and froths ... from her mouth the words are issued....
"Rhdy...this is not your mission....."...Rhdy somewhat startled drops Ice, and fall's back on his board...
Rhdy "Board...what's going on?"....
Board for the first time....does a few cerching......cerching....noises and whizzes and then we have electromagnetic voice board "Voice play back.....rhrrrre (Rewind) of dialogue suggests alien life form present...... analysis taking place", a few moment's later..
Rhdy "Well what is it...are we safe"
Board "Analysis suggests life form is King Board, I could only hazard at a random imputation, that in Ice's altered state King Board, has managed to manipulate the dream state to issue this message"...
Rhdy "Oh great...what does he expect, me to just leave her here, stranded in the middle of space as a hit and run victim for the next space jacker.... "
Board : "Well it would appear we are in somewhat of a mess...however my suggestion, is we get her back to her ship as soon as possible and return to our flight path"..
Rhdy : "Exactly what I'm trying to do..." goes back over to Ice who is stirring slightly ..
Rhdy: "Ice, the co-ordinates of your ship...
Ice sit's up we think that she might actually have come to her senses...
Ice....."Ship's Co-ordinates....I know....I'll dial the Hand of God....he'll know"....well we all realize she is still way too spacing out.....but we see her reach for an empty space in front of her.....and from her dream state she pull's the Hand of God towards her...
We wait patiently ...

To Be Continued.....

:49 am
Ice presses the hand of God pad.
Hand of God : "You have reached the hand of God, how can I help you".
Ice : " I'm after some co-ordinates..... ".
Hand of God "What Galaxy are you calling from?? "
Ice : "Well I thought you might know that"
Hand of God : "I' sorry the Hand of God Service requires an x, y and z co-ordinate to assist you further, all objects in space require a point of reference, without this you are lost in space, the Hand of God can assist you no more today "....The line goes dead...
Ice looking a slight shade of green : "I am lost in space ".
Rhdy getting annoyed : "This is getting us no where".
Board starts whizzing and computing
Rhdy "What are you doing?".
Board :"Have opened short range radar frequencies to determine if any electromagnetic fields can be detected".
Rhdy : "How's that going to help?"
Board: "Ship's generate heat output, considering the technology of her bike, random probability would suggest that her ship would be a slow moving vessel, most likely within range of radar devices".
Rhyd "Yeah but there's probably 50 or so ships in this Galaxy, how are we going to know which one??"
Board : "We're not, but I should be able to narrow it down based on an analyses of bike material composition multiplied by an estimate size of ship and divided by an atomic particle movement of similar matter."
Rhyd : "Yeah great, you know I flunked science, just get on with it".

:49 am
So.....board starts processing, and meanwhile, well Ice is still out in Space Land with the psychedelic stars..and cosmic dust....
Rhyd takes a stroll over to Ice's bike and uses some muscle to stand the thing back up....
Rhyd "What do we have here ?"says to himself....starts playing with the dashboard console....which comes to life.....plays around with a few more buttons ..
Board: "Final computation is complete".
Rhdy:"So what do you have"
Board:"Analysis of data would indicate there are no ship's in this Galaxy comprising of composition of bike material and certainly no ships with atomic particle movement similar in frequency".
Rhdy "So what are you saying, she's on a hot bike ??
Board "Well that is a theory, however a mathematical calculation of the likely hood of this would need to take into account the multitude of possible explanations for two similar atomic particle sub types not existing in the same spatial environment".
Rhdy " I thought you were supposed to be helping here, this is not helping "....getting annoyed at board..."But this might"..
Rhdy's been pushing a few more buttons on the dash board...
Board : "What is it ?".
Rhdy : "It looks like a log of all destinations that bike has traveled...if I can pull up the logs before the crash, I might be able to get a location pinpoint of the ship"..
Ice :"I think I need a bucket...(not bong)... "....
Rhdy isn't paying too much attention to Ice at the moment...which is kind of silly, because she might actually need a bucket....
Rhdy: "Okay, I've got something....looking puzzled...but that makes no sense at all"..
Board "Perhaps I can be of assistance"..
Rhdy "Like you've been that up till now"...said with some sarcasm.."well the last co-ordinates indicate that the ship is in this galaxy"..
Board : "What are the co-ordinates?"
Rhdy " x 122 y224 z282 Galaxy Pytheron-One"
Board "These co-ordinates show no vessel present ".
Okay so Rhdy is really starting to get testie now....which mean's those male hormones are getting a little irate..
Rhdy"This is not making any sense what so ever", looks at Ice...."Something defiantly weird is going on here"...shakes Ice a little....
Ice "XYZ...XYZ...XYZ....all the little shippies go XYZ"...
Rhdy to board..."Okay...I'm going to try something here, that's the last co-ordinate points we have, so we're going to open the tunnel, take Ice....and her bike to where ever those co-ordinates lead us, and then we are out of here, this is one problem too many I don't need hanging over my head"
Ice.."I've got problems too"...looking kind of sad ...maybe she's coming down from the space trip...or maybe it's something else...
Board : "Would you like to know possible outcomes of this action"
Rhdy :"Am I going to like what I hear"
Board: "Most likely not, however I can provide you with a worse case and best case scenario".
Rhdy "Okay hit me with it".
Board "Best case, there is a ship with incredibly advanced radar jamming capabilities, worst case, Ice came into this Galaxy through a time door, somewhat similar to our own transportation capabilities, and we enter that door when we reach those co-ordinates".
Rhdy "So what happens if we enter the door"
Board "We may enter another dimenion of time"
Rhdy "You can't be Serious "..

We can only wait a brief moment to see if Board is serious or not ???

Go to 10:18 am
So after determining that Board is in deed serious, Rhyd is more edgie than ever.
Rhdy: "She's not going anywhere, so really I don't have any other choice".
Board :"Should I prepare communication formats to reach King Board".
Rhdy :"Yes, I'll get Ice and her bike ready for travel, then we're going to have to see if this works". You see Rhyds never had anyone in the tunnel with him.
Rhdy goes over to Ice and help's her up,
Rhdy : "Ice, were going on a little journey, so I need you and your bike, packed and ready to go".
Ice : "Ohh...a space journey...will I meet the Aliens ??".
Rhyd: "Maybe".
Ice :"But I really need a bucket".
Well of course Rhdy thinks she's still on drugs, so is not to mindful of this request, but responds.
Rhdy "Okay we'll get you a bucket when we get to the ship".
Ice "Great".
Meanwhile Ice is placed in close proximity to the board, and Rhdy moves over to the bike, which isn't exactly light weight to push, but hey he does have ant power lifting capabilities so doesn't make to much effort of the job.
Places the bike next to Ice and Board.
Meanwhile Board has been preparing for communication with King Board.
Rhdy sit's down next to the Board, and before our eye's the most magical scene is emitted from Boards projection unit...
Rhdy starts focusing on the image in front of us well it looks like his entering some meditative trance state....which is actually quite necessary in this situation because he can't just lie down and fall asleep to contact King would take too long...
Rhdy......"King Board....King of all Boards...King Board"...
So for those who are not quite sure what's going on here, well Board, is projecting the sacred color King Board Mantra which Rhdy is using to enter the trance state to connect with King Board.....he actually learnt this skill on another journey in space and time...but you don't know what one yet...maybe one day...well go back in time and meet the Guru that taught Rhdy this sacred rite.
Rhdy : "King Board, King of all Boards, we need you to open the tunnel so that this space entity may be returned to her place in time and space"....
Well the Mantra is becoming quite infused with color and motion, and from the depths of space we here the words ...
King Board : "You have been warned Rhdy, this is not your mission, however this entity was not accounted for in our projections of your time travel sequence, therefore we have no choice but to assist you in your efforts as it seems you are not prepared to abandon this time scene, however be warned, that once you steer off your current course, you will be at the mercy of the dimensions of time and space in an un plotted Charta of our time banks, the Great Unknown. We may not be able to assist should trouble befall you".
Rhdy "King Board, King of all Boards, this just a small detour, board and I will be back on course in a jiffy of an eon ."
King Board "I would like to think so, travel co-ordinates have been plotted, you may enter the tunnel when you are ready.
Well with that...Rhdy came out of his meditative state, and we are left, wondering what will happen next ....
10:14 am
So Rhyd reaches for Ice..
Rhyd :"Come on Ice, time to meet the Alien's"...he of course is trying to relate to her in her present state .."I need you to ride this"....points to his board, "and I need you to hold onto your bike".
Ice : "I can't ride that....I ride this".....points to her bike
Rhdy :"Well maybe your going to have to learn"..
Ice : "Maybe I'll just sit on it, and you ride it"...meaning the Board...and said kind of feisty....maybe Ice is coming out of her space trip, or maybe she's just about to enter it....
Well that seem's a suitable solution to Rhdy who considers it might just work....not noticing the subtle change.....
Rhyd :"Okay time to ride".
Rhyd gives a push and Board, Ice and her bike, take off through the time tunnel...we here Ice's voice as they disappear down the tube...
Ice :"Did you bring a bucket"....we are of course still amused...

Well in a Parson of a second, we have a travel sequence..

Board can be heard :"closing in on co-ordinates of time and space....t -.005, s-xyz. Travel sequence complete.

Well all motion stops and there in space four entities surrounded by the blackness of their destination, stars from the Galaxies provide illumination for the scene...and Rhyd stands with a look of bewilderment upon his face..
There appears to be no space vessel...

and oh my goodness...Ice gives the almighty space heavy ho......and beware we have a mass of space projectiles ejecting from her mouth some what similar to a bad night out on the town with too many toxins in the system....

Rhyd...some what bewildered by the current vastness of space minus space vessel ...but also slightly amused at his new space companions dilemma ...
Rhyd : "Seems to me, they didn't teach you lesson number three of space travel"...
Ice appearing somewhat ignorant...."Oh yeah and what's that ?"
Rhyd ...some what cocky...."Don't do drugs and Rhyd".....

Well of course all this banter is quite good, but while Rhyd's having a bit of a chuckle to himself and the floating's to notice a rather unusual phenomena.....the particles appear not to be following a random projectory, but clearly seem to be hitting some type of force field....we notice Ice peering at this space scene....

Board however has detected something and goes to speak..
Board :"I'm picking...."....but is interrupted by Ice
Ice starts to speak...."Well you know seem's to me you're forgetting something ...."
Rhyd...."Oh yeah and what's that ?"..
Ice: "Lesson Number One.."
Well isn't it strange how fast scenes can change....
Ice : "Dont accept lifts from strangers"...
and well like winks of an eye...and the passing of a milliseconds.....we have an about face...
Ice a commanding voice..."Ship Contain"....
Well here's where the action picks the ship comes to life....beams fall from the ceiling and Rhyd finds himself in a worse case space scenario...
Captured in an electron particle cell...and we all know you don't want to touch the walls....Rhyds board.....has been flung aside in the action and is also contained in a separate cell.....
Rhyd looks around him as the vessel wall's appear to come to life...

Ice Speaks...
"Welcome aboard The Chameleon".....

Rhdy : "Oh yeah, great welcome, you mind telling me what's going on here, you know I just saved your ass from being the next space jack situation, and here you are jacking me". Obviously a little annoyed
Iceexplosive : "Well I wouldn't quite put it that way.
Rhdy :"Then how would you put it?".
Ice : "You and your board there are currently quarantined, until I have an analysis, to determine if it's safe to let you on board "....meanwhile she goes to a container and pull's out a looks like a gun....."for all I know you could be carrying a fleas and lice epidemic".
Rhdy : "Oh and what, you're going to shoot me if I am ".
Ice : "Maybe...and maybe I'm going to do it if your not, the Chameleon could do with a feed and I haven't had this much fun in a long time".
Takes aim at a wall in front of her and let's a round rip.....but it isn't quite what we seem's to shoot out liquid.....
Rhyd " Oh great a water gun, well I bet that's going to hurt"... sarcasm
Ice: " Well by itself probably not, but you seem to forget you are contained, and quite explosively might I add".
Rhyd's feeling a bit edgie in his containment.

Rhyd : "Board what have we got here".
Board..cerchink...cerchink..."Preparing containment analysis"..
Iceexplosive "That's right board, you be a good board now and tell Rhyd his little predicament".

Now we have a rather interesting containment here...

Board :" Initial analysis indicates we are in danger".

Well Rhdy already uncertain of his fate inside a Chameleon, is kind of aware of this....
Rhdy "You know I did have that figured, but what I wanted to know is how were going to get out of it".
Board "Principles of containment would indicate that the addition of water molecules will create a volatile environment. It appears as though Ice
has contained the purest form of Potassium and Magnesium electrons in a beam environment.
Rhyd "Yeah, yeah, all the Chemistry stuff, but what are you getting at".
Board : "Well one spray of water from that gun will cause containment capsules to implode, bringing about our rather untimely demise".
Rhdy :" I see, well this is just great, I thought your purpose was to serve and protect me".
Board "Well I....
Ice "Protect you from what??

Ship cuts in.
Incoming communication from Transport Vessel Loader are required on the deck..

Well maybe that will give Rhyd and Board a little time to prepare an escape route...then again..

Ice : "Start quarenting procedure, prepare reports.....and in the event our two companions try anything, crystallize chambers to Ice formation.

Rhdy mumbles under his breath..
Rhyd: "To protect me from space pirates like you, that is what this is right ??, space piracy ??".
Ice, moving off to the deck call's back .."Simple procedure, that's all this is, besides you might thank me for it one day".
Rhdy not knowing what Mainframes procedure will find, replies "Well right now I doubt it".

So for space zombies that know little about Rhdy and his past adventure, well they may have been a bit space spoofed by his suction capabilities and ant strength...if you still don't know that much about Rhyd, well you might just find out a little more...but for now, well it's off to the deck.

Mainframe "I am picking up trace elements of psychoactive alkaloids on Ice skin surface".
Ice "Yes well I had a little trip"..smiles to herself half recalling the mind altering experience.
Mainframe "You are aware a relapse is possible".
Ice "No I'm not but I am now".
Mainframe :"It may be wise if you undergo a medical check".
Ice :"Well I'll make sure I do"..

Already getting annoyed by the overbearing presence of mainframe after the freedom of Space.

Now on deck she approaches the communication console.
"Captain Alexus at your attention".
Ice : Greetings Captain Alexus, I'm glad you could respond to the request".
Captain "No trouble at all, I'm traveling back to the Milky Way Galaxy with an empty load, not a lot of call for resources on Earth with the space migration program, but I'm always happy to help know that ".
Ohh...these two know each other ?
Ice : "Well I'm afraid recent storm patterns have caused great suffering and havoc on Earth while you've been gone, in fact a great flooding has left many without home or land. Lego Brain from Lego Land has offered to assist with the rebuild program all you need do is supervise the pick up and delivery of supplies and make sure the passenger, a design engineer get's there in one piece.
Captain "No problem, but tell me, when do I get to pick you up".
Ice "I didn't know you carried Ice"
Captain "You'd be surprised what I get on this loader".
Ice :"I'm sure I would be, but for now, I'm off to Ophelone Galaxy".
Captain :"Haven't heard of it".
Ice "Neither have I but that's the job and that's the life right ??".
Captain "Sure is, well catch you when the Ice Melts ."
Ice: "Yeah and I'll see you when the sun rises, which ain't going to be any time soon, but it's worth holding out for".
Captain gives a little laugh and co-ordination points are transferred to passing vessel.
Ice as an after thought "Well just be safe and make sure everything arrives in one piece ".
Captain :"Hey you know me, it's a done deal".

We prepare to meet Captain Alexus

This scenes quite dark, and we can only see our mystery character in the shadows.
Lego Brain :" I can't believe that went so well to plan, Iceexplosive didnt suspect a thing".
Mystery Person : Architect: "Well she has no reason to, as far as she's concerned you're a friendly Ruler doing your best to help the Milky Way community".
Lego Brain, sinister laugh " Ahhh hhha hhhaa hhhaa, but soon I will rule the Galaxy and Radio Active Techo Waste Lands will be the Kingdom in which I reign...Techo Music will abound on the airwaves.....and Monster Metal will reign no more, there will be a Rock War and I will be victorious, and all with the help of you my wonderful insect friend ".
Hmmm...who exactly is this insect friend ??
Lego Brain : "But for now we must prepare the first shipment of radioactive lego for the people of Earth. Then once our first city is build, the radio active contanimation chain reaction shall commencee, the rise of Industrial Waste Lands will be in place."
Our mystery guest steps out of the shadows,
Mystery Person :Architect : "Yes Lego Brain, but only after I've taken care of that pesky Insect Boy "Rhdy".
Lego Brain : "Dont worry Lady Dragonfly, you shall have your Insect Boy for lunch and I shall have you as my Queen, Queen of the flying Dragons, overseer of the Wastelands ".
So now we have Lady Dragonfly....and shes out for revenge wonder what Rhyd did to upset her ??
However for now, a Lego Land employee enters the scene.
Piece of Plastic: " We have an incoming request for landing, the vessel appears to be a cargo carrier".
Lego Brain : "Allow the vessel landing space and get a crew ready for loading".
Piece of Plastic : "Yes Lego Brain".

So as it stands Lady Dragon Fly obviously thinks Rhyd's on Earth, while we know his somewhere else. Fortunately Captain Alexus, isn't aware of Iceexplosives passenger, perhaps fate was on Rhdy's side this time. However that's not to say their next communication wont reveal let's see....

Lego Brain : "Now my Lady Dragon Fly, allow one of my people to escort you to your chamber ready for departure, in the meantime I'll make sure our cargo is being adequately attended to ".
Lady Dragonfly : "I'll only need a moment to finish packing and I'll join you at the loading bay".
Lego Brain kisses Lady Dragonfly's hand
Lego Brain:"Prepare, my Queen to be".

These two part company and Lady Dragonfly is escorted to her chambers. The Guard remains on duty outside.
Now what is she up to, collecting map's , most likely of the city planned for Earth...and now hang on a minute..
What's going on here then ??
She removes a necklace she's wearing in the shape of a Dragonfly and opens it to reveille a console.

Lady Dragonfly :"Lady Dragonfly.....requesting attendance with the most exalted one, Golden Dragon , King of Dragons"
Golden Dragon :"I am here, what is you bidding".
Lady Dragonfly :"I am about to leave for the Milky Way Galaxy, Lego Brain has the first shipment of radio active building blocks ready, do you have any further instructions."
Golden Dragon : "Does Lego Brain suspect anything?".
Lady Dragonfly: "No, once the first shipment is deployed and the contamination begins, he will join me on Earth, I am to oversee his plans and report on the progress, Golden Dragon, he intends to make me his Queen".
Golden Dragon : "Let him think this, but do not fret my precious one with wings, you are of the Dragon...and with the Dragon you shall fly".
With that Golden Dragon disappears in a sparkling mist.
Lady Dragonfly collects her things and departs for the loading bay.

Meanwhile we prepare to meet The Golden Dragon.

Lady Dragon fly approaces Lego Brain and Captain Alexus who are in mid converstation.

Lego Brain : "Ahh, Lady Dragon fly, I see your ready to leave us".
Captain Alexus turns around to see who Lego Brain is talking too
Captain Alexus : "You're the architect ?".
Lady Dragon Fly "You seem surprised, you were perhaps expecting someone else?"
Captain Alexus stumbles his word's a little, knowing that his tounges got him into trouble more than once in space.
Captain Alexus "All I'm expecting is you know how to board my loader, know where to sit when things get uncomfortable, and then when I get you to the destination your looking to get know how to get off if your the Architect and you think you can do that...pleased to meet you Lady Dragonfly...and yeah...I was expecting someone else I'm sure I was told its a guy "...maybe suspecting something suspicious going on??.
Lego Brain noticeing the slight tension in the air
Lego Brain "Ahh yes, well there's been a change of plans, we've suffered a tremor on the Eastern Block, and my best man's currently on call fixing a support platform, you understand, these things happen, but Lady Dragonfly is more than adequatly skilled to assist with your dilema on Earth ".
Captain : "Yeah I understand, but what I don't like is that I'm always the last to know, and it's not my dilema, just another one of those in the wrong place at the wrong time situations, and helping a friend out, which is why when I get Lady Dragonfly to her distination, I hope she knows the rules of , lock, load, dock and undock ready for lift off, because I won't be hanging around".
Lady Dragon Fly mutters under her breath ..."No I doubt you will be".
Well we know what we're thinking here...and I guess if Ice and Rhdy were here we'd be learning another lesson of space......but I'm sure that's going to come up soon enough.
Lego Brain has a little chuckle..."Ah yes I see, well now that you two have made aqaintence, I bid you safe passage to the Milky Way Galaxy"...ushuring them to the landing platform.
Well Captain Alexus...being Captain Alexus......steps forward to board his ship....and well Lady Dragonfly being the Lady we know her to be....does they kind of fall over each others feet... first physical contact....hmmmm???
Lady Dragonfly looks at him..and mutters...
Lady Dragonfly : "Well they obviously don't teach you ediqutte in Space School". Captain not knowing what the hell she's talking about responds.
Captain "No but I'm sure you will".
Lady Dragonfly "Laides before Gentlemen".
Captain : "Well in case you haven't noticed, my ship my rules, I get on it first, besides, who's going to save your pretty little tossh when the space mosters attack us".....has a little chuckle at his own sense of humor.
Lady Dragonfly shows the look of indignation, but storms up the loaders platform after the Captain.
Well as things do....sometimes the action hits when you least expect it...and such is the case for our see as he boards the loader having his little chuckle....he is awoken from his the reality of the mess his getting him self into....and hmmmm....perhaps a few sizzled chest hairs...and nasal hairs for that matter...along with a belowing...

Captain.."Holy Fucking mother of Mercy what he battles through the smoke and flames in somewhat of a panic..
Lady Dragonfly is not far behind him...and we here a comment as she walks past him...."Meet my pets"
Well the cargo vessel door is closing and the captain gains a clear image through the do we....
and a comment is muttered under his breath as he storms past to what we assume is the flight center....
Captain..."I did not agree to any pets"...

Well doesn't it seem that arguements abound in space...

Captain : "and what the hell is this shit? ", he asks as he wipes his hand over a few of the luminous blocks of cargo stacked high against the interior of his vessel..
Lady Dragonfly : "You know you really should be careful what you touch".
Captain: "Oh please do tell, oh wait, you've got a nastie little boogie man waiting to jump out at me next"...said with some sarcasm.
Lady Dragonfly : "Not quite"...
Captain "Yeah well, just take a seat, and make sure those fire breathing pets of your's keep it down when we take off.
Lady Dragonfly : "It only happens when they're disturbed".
Captain ; "Yeah well I already am disturbed, cant' you tell". The captain does some crazy lunatic kind of movement, has a chuckle to himself and takes to the console for lift off.
Meanwhile Lady Dragonfly, lifts an eyebrow and shakes her head.
Captionless at his handsets covered with luminosity wipes it over his pants trying to get it off...(Don't you just hate it when that shit happens).
Anyway.. lift off occurs amongst a lot of noise, and we are now traveling in deep space....

Which of course gives us ample time to get back to Ice and Rhyd....what has actually been going on with those two....???

Well from the silecne of space, a noise is heard. And Rhyd and board prepear for their on board check up. Scanning ray's hover above Rhyd's head, and some what paniced by his insider knowledge, call's to board.

Rhyd :"Isn't there any way you can stop this, she's going to find out who I am ".
Board : "I'm afraid not, my weaponary systmes are only programeed to respond to attacks, quarentine and diagnostic analysis are research elements only".
Rhyd : "Great" the scanning ray reaches his head...we can only the Mainframe comes alive with diagnostic data,.of Rhyd and Boards
various specifications.

In the meantime, Ice sits at a console taking in the data that's reflects across her eyes..

She leaves the console, and moves through the corredors of the ship...we see a slight perspiration forming on her forhead that she wipes off..

Computer Speaks
"Computer banks are registering a chemical change in environs directly related to Iceexplosive skin surface, profuse emissions of sweat would indicate overheating.
Body systems are not in balance and medical check up is advised."
Iceexplosive: "I am well aware of this, but at the moment, I think we should be more concerned about our two new passengers".
Computer "Passengers are contained and pose no imminate threat, body system is susceptible to irrrepairable damage if not attended to".
Iceexplosive, angry, "I know that, and that's why I need to take care of our passsengers first, now leave it alone ".
Computer goes quiet.

Hmm what excactly did Ice see on the Computer Consol that's got her heat up....does it concern our two space guests or is a relapse into Acidville on the cards., maybe they're headed up for the lunch time menu...only time will tell.

Meahwhile we switch to Rhyd and Board.

Rhyd looks around as the scanning process ends and calls to Board.
Rhyd : "Prepare for communication with King Board".
Board : "This instruction is unavailable at this time".
Rhdy : "What do you mean it's unavailable ??"
Board : "Well I took the liberty of initiating this comand when we were, would you say, captured and I am unable to clear a frequency for communication".
Rhyd : " So what ?? This ships generating too much static??, just bring up the Sacred Board Mantra and I'll do it from here"
Board : "Well even if that were possible, I'm afraid that the current electon beam incasing us would interfere with the ability to maintain a clear focus on the Mantra thus inhibiting clear communication with King Board".
Rhyd "Whats causing the static then ?".
Board : "Well I didn't mention static, I just informed you I can't clear a frequency, as it stands all lines of communication with King Board appear to be inhibited and I can only hazzard at a random imputation as to the reason ".
Rhyd :"Well give it your best shot".
Board : "Comes to life with a few cherckings and wizzes....and a message is heard.
Message Replay : "however be warned, that once you steer off your current course, you will be at the mercy of the dimensions of time and space in an un plotted Charta of our time banks, the Great Unknown. We may not be able to assist should trouble befall you", King Boards message refreshes Rhyds ears, " at this stage without futher information as to our whereabouts and current technology employed on the Chameleon, I'm afraid my systems are all but useless in any efforts to get us back on track ".
Rhyd : "Well are we going to get out of here and back on track".
Board "You know if you remembered anything about your mission you would know that answer".
Rhyd : "Oh please spare me the lecture, because I really dont think we have time to waste" he hear's the foot steps of what we know are Iceexplosive entering the scene.
Board responds with an old memory bank reminder from King Board : "You must befriend the future and when it is not your friend you must resolve the discrepancy of time that would prevent the harmonious continuum of life".
Rhyd takes in the message and under his breath mumbles....."Befriend the future, resolve the discrepancy ..."

We hear some slightly frustrated words issued :

10:29 pm
We hear some slightly frustrated words issued :

Rhyd to Board :"But this isn't my mission", Rhyd insists.
Board : "Well it looks like it is for the time being".
Rhyd : "And how exactly am I going to befriend an Ice Cold Rock".
Board " this request goes beyond my programming capabilities ".

Ice reaches Rhyd's containment unit, looks him in the eye..and says :

Ice : "Your not dead ..".
Rhyd who doesn't quite know what she's on about responds
Rhyd :"and your hot".
Well we know the board said friendly.....but Rhyd does have a way of overdoing things
Ice: "Flattery will get you nowhere".
Rhyd :"I mean, you look like your burning up".
Ice wipes the sweat away from her forehead....opps it wasn't flattery.
Ice "Why aren't you dead ??".
Rhyd : "Well I guess I can follow your instructions a little better than you thought huh ??
Ice : "You have no idea what I'm talking about do you ??".
Rhyd starts to think she's tripping again or at least suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
Rhdy :"Look Ice, I don't know what kind of rock you're on, what type of rock you and your Chameleon ship crawled out form under, but
I think Board and I have been more than helpful in getting you back here safely and I really think for all concerned that its time you let us get back to our mission".
Ice : "Got me back here safely"., said in an incredulous voice, "did you ever consider the fact that I was trying to escape from here, have you even considered where here is, no, because I doubt you can even comprehend where here is."
She slowly raises her eyes looks at him again and asks again : "Why aren't you dead?".
Followed by "Chameleon release Rhyd".


Friday, January 27th, 2006

3:29 am
First Major Scene Edit.... ????

Rhyd's containment unit seem's to obey and particle beams disperse. He makes to step forward and gives a yell...
Rhyd : "I thought this thing was off ".
Ice : " Static after charge, don' t worry it won't kill you, but you need to listen if you want to live, now follow me".
Ice does an about face and turns to leave the landing deck, she call's out..."Officers on Deck, replace bike weaponry systems.
Rhyd :"Now wait a minute I'm not going anywhere with out my board, it is one of my very personal rules of life...not space, wherever I go the board goes....".....obviously a very desperate attempt to maintain contact with about the only thing in the last few years that had managed to save his life on more than one occasion.
Ice:"Well Rhyd that leaves us with one of two choices, either the cell, or you follow me without the board and we go get something to eat. Then we talk, if I like what I hear, you live, and if I don't you die. Besides I am not about to hand over the only thing that could get you off this ship so you can skate away....well not at least until I have more information about your technology and mission...
Rhyd questioningly "That's what this is all technology and mission ??".
Ice :"Yes and how it might save us "...
Rhdy " You mean me"..he corrects her..
Ice : "No I mean us..".
Rhyd feels exasperated, but really has no choice in the matter, he pretty much recognizes the fact the ship is voice activated, and nothing he say's is going to get board any closer to his feet at this stage. Not that it would matter, as his already in enough of a jam with no way of reaching King Board....but maybe he can find out why that is from Ice....well that's the obvious plan....because it seems Ice doesn't realize his pretty much lizard maybe the Chameleon isn't quite the threat we're led to believe it is...then again...maybe pigs will fly...who knows...stay tuned....
(comment on this)

Rhyd : "All right"..Rhyd replies to Ice's demands.
We hear Board : "This is not advised"..
Rhyd turns to face board and walks towards : "Well I realize that it's not advised.....dam it, but I don't have any choice case you haven't realized , we're actually in a bit of a predicament".
Board :"Board recognizes that current extenuating circumstances reside in Charta's of the Great Unknown...preparing systems for shut down until discrepancy is resolved....only primary systems shall remain engaged ".
Board begins to shut down....and Rhyd is again taken by surprise.....ching...ching...ching..
Rhyd :"Hey....hey......wait he cries can't just shut down on me...I need a little help here "...
But alas like those great moments in time and space, situations...complications....arise just at the moment they're least needed.
Rhyd "Dam it ".....ohhhh...his angry .....I don't need a lesson in space right now".
Rhyd looks down on board through the particle cage and as he see's, we see, a flashing light on boards outer panel.....ticking......slowly away.....
Ice: : "What are you talking about ??"
Rhyd Turns, looks up:" Lesson 5... your friends are never around when you need them". .....
Ice "Oh yeah....that one"...she turns and makes to walk away again....Rhyd hesitantly follows...
Well this looks a little strange.....board cutting out on Rhyd at the last minute....maybe boards do have feelings....and maybe like always...things are never as they seem......and in the back ground we see two officers pick up the bike...a few moments of camera wizardry and their conversation commences.

Officer pulls out converter......

Officer1 : What do you think Gunners going to say.
Officer 2 : I think his going to be upset, his got a thing for his machines..
Officer 1 : So what are we going to tell him ??
Officer 2 : Tell him you think it's broke .
Officer 1 : You think it will work...?
Officer 2 : I say we get the hell out of there, before we have a chance to find out..........

Enter Gunners Domain...the lair...

Gunner : Hey guy's wait till you check this shit out....(now wouldn't it be nice if it was an ounce....well maybe it is), my homegrown.
Officer 1 : Don't you know that shit will blow you out.. ??.
Gunner : What the hell do you think I've got it here for ?? what's with the bike...?
Officer 2 : "I don't know it's a mainframe directive"...
Gunner : Serious then huh ??, well then let's see how we can rig this thing out, diamond wheels, spinner spurs , jumping like a filly all over the place.....this machine an extension of my mind.... Ice the we're going to make it cool......and we got to make it hot...its going to blow shit out of the water and star ships out the sky....(it is going to blow (Oh like nothing else) .... and when she sit's on it, lets burn her ice cold ass see that is where bike, mind and sex meet in the pleasure mode of take my meaning boys ??. officers anything else ??

They look at each other : "Nothing we can think of "..
Gunner : "Well then if you would excuse me gentlemen, there is a bike to be made "...
Officers look at each other "He's serious"...and turn to walk away.
Gunner turns his back travels....inside, board a ticking......3...4...5....6.... on a beacon red central processing unit......
and outside the landing platform...Rhyd steps out and gazes around....

as the double metal doors open..

Rhyd : "What the hell is this place ..?"
Ice : "Well you're close there".
hyd peers down and expansive corridor that seems endless, and irrie.
Rhyd : "It is a time corridor, I'm in another dimension of time".
Ice :"Not quite but close".
Rhyd : "Why don't you tell me what the hell is going on here ".
Ice :"All in good time my friend".
Rhdy :"Look lets get this straight, at the moment, I've got not one reason to call you friend, and time is something I'm runing short of along with
patience , so where the hell am I ??"
Ice Reflecting : "Now listen here fly boy, you are in no position to give the orders, and if you don't shut up and pay attention,
you are not going to live long enough to sell your story to Cosmos, let alone touch base, ground or air with that board again".
Well Rhdy who alway's picks up at the notion of making a quick buck to support his habits sulkuly resigns his temprement again.
Ice : "Now the rules are simple", said as she leads him down the passage. "The cargo bay is off limits, that mean's if the computer
picks up any trace of movement in the cargo bay other than my weight mass, it destroys the invading organism". If you open any door in any passage way
other than the one's I'm about to show you, you will not live". In fact the only room's that you want to enter while onboad this vessel are 1. The Eatery,
2. Your Sleeping quaters. You may gain access to other area's of the vessel, but only when I say so, or when accompanid by myself or Gunner".
Rhdy : "Who's Gunner? ".
Ice : "No need for you to worry about that just yet, but be warned, if you enter Gunners room uninvited, he will kill you".
Rhdy : "Man what is this place ship of the dead ".
Ice : "You're getting closer everytime".

With that they arrive at a door, which Ice opens with hand on panel mat. They enter the eatery

Enter the Eatery. Approach a very high tech food service center.

Rhdy takes a look at the food selection, which is somewhat interesting in term's of space food, of course we're dealing with
food sources from a range of different Planetary Systems, and somewhat different from the food on Earth which Rhdy is
accustomed to.

Rhyd :Sarcasm "Well at least you don't starve your victims".
Ice ; "No we don't, but we do poison them".
Rhyd taken a little off edge takes a step back from the eatery dropping what he'd just picked up, goes for something a little
less foreign looking with a small sniff, just to make sure.
Ice has a little chuckle as she reaches for a nutrient drink and what appears to be some capsules.
Rhyd : "Yeah well, your not doing yourself any favors with that pill popping habit your carrying".
Ice : "Oh will you get over the psychosis trip, that was just a situation in time and space, a freak accident.
Rhyd : "You mean Acid -dent" .
Ice : "Whatever ".
Rhdy : "So why are you taking that shit for anyway".
Ice : "Well, this is keeping me alive".
Things start to get a little serious, Rhdy's thinking he cant have her dying on him before he gets out of here of course
she's thinking the same in return.
Rhdy : "Right and you ask me why I'm not dead, man, your head has more than one two many screws loose".
Ice offended : You could be right, but this place can do that to you".
Rhdy : "Yeah well I gather that, but I still don't know what this place is so maybe you could help me out on that one". Kind
of demanding."
Ice need's to take the heat off , and wipes her brow, Rhdy is only just starting to realize how sick she could be.
Rhdy : You know your not looking so well".
Ice: "I'm not feeling that great".
Rhdy still at it : "Yeah well too much cactus juice will get you every time".
She looks up somewhat empty and frail.
Ice : "I need your help".
Rhdy ; "Yeah well I realized that when I first met you".
Ice ; "No I mean it, I really need your help".
Rhdy : "Well shit man, you've got me tied down, boardless, held in captivity, in the "Great Unknown", because sure as
hell I've got no freaking idea where we are, and you say you need my help".
Ice : "What did you say ?" said almost frantic.
Rhdy : I said you've got me held in captivity in the "Great Unknown", because su".
She interrupts him.
Ice : "How did you know this is the Great Unknown??".
Rhdy : "Well its not on any freaking Star map, you know there's no great bill board of life, calling out "You Are At The Center Of The Universe", we all know where you are pin the tale on the Donkey because your going to be the 20,000 person to walk on the moon because we've all fucking been here before". That's how I know its the Great Unknown.....then kind of more subtlety, and besides the board told me".
Ice : Precisely that's why I need your help ".

Rhyd recognising some sort of softening or dispair in Ice continues puzzled :

Rhyd : "Look if there's a way I can help I would, but you have to tell me whats going on here".
Ice : " Well, I would if I could, but I don't know".
Rhyd : "What do you mean you don't know".
Ice : "Look all I know is I'm my way to Opheloen Galaxy where I have to drop some cargo, I get given some co-ordinates that I plot, I get there I drop the cargo, I pick up the trade, and I leave but the problem is I can't find it".
Rhdy :"What do you mean you can't find it?"
Ice : "I can't find it , we're at the Co-Ordinates but there's nothing here...I''m lost in space, we are lost in space, floating in the Great Unkown. ".
Rhdy : "Oh man will you cut it with the prehistoric robot get up".
Ice : "I'm serious, and if I don't find soemthing soon I'm going to die, and if I die, something terrible is going to happen".
Rhdy : "Yeah well if it does can I have that Rock in your head"....his such a smart ass.
Ice: "Well it won't be worth much to you if I die"...knowing something that maybe we don't want to know.
Rhyd " It will be worth more than it is to me now"...little snicker.
Ice :"What are you a mercinary".
Rhdy : "No I thought you were, your the one carrying the the cargo, ice and secret missions. "
Ice : "Well what about you and your mission, or has that just slipped your mind".
Rhdy: "Yeah, but that's different".
Ice : "Why's it different?"
Rhdy : "Well I don't take captive's and hold them prisoner and besides I'm not in control of my missions, they just kind of happen ".
Ice : "What do you mean they just happen ?".
Rhyd not sure how much he should be telling Ice about his past, or quite how he should be telling it...
Rhdy: "Well I'm not sure, you know I've only recently been initiated".
Ice : "Initiated ??, initiated into what ? "
Rhdy: "The Kingdom of Board".
Some what incredulous
Ice : "And what kind of mission were you on when we met ? "....Now that's a good question.
Rhyd starts thinking looks up, starts to say something..stops..
Rhyd : "Well" ..obviously thinking."Well, I'm not sure".
Ice : "Look Bug Boy ".
Rhdy : "Hey cut it with the insults, I'm telling you the truth....I can't remember"....this actually could be the truth.
Ice : "So what are you telling me, that little collision course we had gave you a touch of abnesia".
Rhdy: "Well I'm not really sure, but the Board would know, the Board know's just about everything, and if the grand enquiry is over...".
Ice :"Look bug boy"..
Rhdy getting angry..."Stop calling me that"..things are getting a little fiesty.
Ice : "Well what would you prefer....mutant...insect brain... let's face it.....I've had a look at your
Geonome structure're not altogheter really there are you, maybe that's why your here....".
Rhdy :"Oh and you are Rock Head, look the only reason I'm here, wheever the hell here is ,is because I felt guilty about leaving you
half whacked in the middle of space on a broke up bike "....
Ice is just about to say something, and the eatery door opens.....

in walks Gunner, guns blazing and not a moment too soon

Gunner : " Ladies....................Gentlemen....Hold you piece, or one of mine."
and at this statement slap bang's two might fine errections...just joking...mechanisms of warfare on the table.
Ice looks at Rhyd and say's :
Ice : "Meet Gunner".

Ice : "Gunner meet bug boy"
Rhdy : "Rhyd".
Ice looking at Gunner
Ice :"Rhdy".
Gunner "You don't look like a ride".
Rhyd: "Yeah and you don't look like a gun".
Gunner "But I carry one" and with that procedees to shoot the shit out of the kitchen area. Funny enough although the wall's seem to register the impact of the gun blasts, then almost like elastoplast correct back to shape soon after impact. He places the second gun on the table.
Gunner : " So how's things going ? we hit the point of no return yet?
Ice : "We've hit it, we've past it and are running dangerously close to never coming back"
Gunner : "That bad huh ?? Then maybe its time to raise some hell".
Shoots off another round.
This time the Chameloeon appear's to shudder and a low moaning sound is heard.
Rhyd : "What the hell was that?"
Gunner :"Doesn't the kid know?"
Ice : "We were getting to that".
Gunner : "Well you better get to it quick it's getting close to Lock Down".
Rhdy : "Lock down?".
Ice : "Look Rhdy, you're board got us back here, and maybe just maybe, your board's can get us to where we need to go before
its too late".
Gunner's interest picks up.
Gunner :"The kid's got a way out of this place?".....Points his gun at Rhyd..."Start talking".
Rhdy starting to look a little worse for ware, but keenly eyeing off the second gun on the table beside them say's
Rhyd : "Look, I don't know anything other than I have to resolve the discrepancy of time, if that makes any sense".
Ice "Is that what the board told you?".
Gunner : "We've got a talking board on board??" Kind of comical..."Maybe I should check that out". He does like his machines.
Ice : "It opens up a time tunnel of some sort".
Gunner : "A time tunnel ? Can we take the cargo in the tunnel?".
Ice : "I don't know, but we dont have any other choice, in case you haven't noticed".
With that Gunner takes a look at Ice in fact he bend's very close to her head and inspects the rock...and of course like all great moments in
great bad guy vs good guy stuff up's we have one and Rhdy makes a dash for the second gun.
Rhdy : "Ha...ha", he cries jubilently "Got you on Rule Number 5 Suckers" he shakes the gun maddley in their direction.
Gunner quite calmly : "Rule number 5 ?", looking at Ice.
Ice: " Space Rules : Never turn your back when there's a gun laying around".
Gunner: "Oh that one"....taking a step toward Rhdy with his own Gun held in the air...."Well then....I guess, you've forgotten Rule number
283948979848937898327894to the fifth squared".
Rhdy looks shocked...gun shaking in his hand...says
Rhdy : "Dont come any closer or I'll shoot, I swear I'll shoot".

Gunner, who is actually quite the he man, steps forward.
Gunner : "I'm waiting".
Rhdy : " I mean it "...we are trying to determine the authenticity of his threat's because he's not exactly an intentinal killer.
Guner takes another step forward, quite cocky considering his on the recieving end of a bullet wound.
Rhdy still kind of psychotic with everything that's going on..
Rhdy : "Look man I don't want to shoot you, but I will...don't push me".
Well Gunner takes what we would consider a mad plunge at Rhdy and we have it first fitality. Gunner is shot, and hold's his stomach area wincing in pain..
Rhdy drop's the gun.
Gunner drops to his knees in front of Rhdy and wow whats going on picks the gun up, and stands up with a huge whopping big grin on his face.
Gunner : "Oh dude".
Rhdy stumbles backwards in shock.
Gunner : "Your really going to have to practice your Space Rules".
Rhdy : "But..but".
Gunner: " 283948979848937898327894 to the fifth squared Rule....Things are never as they seem".

Ice speaks up : "If you two have finished playing shoot'em up's, can we get back to the situation at hand".
Rhdy : "Your not going to shoot me ?? What the hell is wrong with you people, and why the hell are your gun's shooting blanks ??
Gunner : "Because this is the only shit I've got that will blow you out".. and pull's out a bag of purple and green heads that he throw's on the
Rhdy : "Your drug runners !!"....Rhdy say's picking up the bag of heads.."that's why you don't want me go any where near the cargo"...
Gunner immitating a negative response answer "Dunnnnnn, wrong answer". .
Rhdy : "Well what the hell is in the cargo room then ?".
Ice : "I don't know, that's the problem, (picking up the dope and lighting a joint) all I know is the instructions that came with it,
the destination to get it to and the trade ", blows some smoke.
Rhdy : "Well what were the instructions, you know that might help".
Ice : "Well it might help, then again it might get us all killed if you try anything funny".
Rhdy : "and then again, it might help you get out of your jam".
Ice : " Well we're travelling kind of slow".
Rhyd : "What do you mean?"
Ice : "Were traveling in Eon's ".
Rhdy : "Your traveling in Eon's, oh man you guy's are slow, and its not the rock and the dope "...has a little crackle to himself....probably getting a little too high on the passive smoke.
Gunner trying to keep it serious : "Dude, this is serious".
Rhdy : "Okay, so why so slow ?".
Ice : "Well we haven't been able to work that out, the best answer n we've come up with, is maybe the cargo's Plutonium, you know any fast or rapid movement's and the whole thing goes Boom".
Rhyd : "Well, I'm not that good at Chemistry, you know maybe you should let me get my board "..thinking maybe he should really be getting the hell out of here.
Gunner : Basically kid, your on a sitting time bomb ".
Ice cuts in : "Thats if we're right".
Rhdy : "And what if it's not Plutonium".
Gunner : "We'll your likelyhood of survival has just dropped another 20 point's" .
Rhdy : "Why the hell's that".
Gunner : " Because if she die's we die".
Rhyd kind of freaking out a little more than before "Why the hell is that".
Gunner begins....that's because...and is interupted by the Computing Sytem .

Computer System Begins Dialouge..

Prepare for lock down, all living organisms must clear the deck. Planetary rotational changes will initiating The Arising, safety is of
primary concer, prepare for lock down. All living organisms must return to sleeping chambers.

Ice : "Okay people you've heard the command, let's go".
With that we hear and see a lot of door's commencing lock down, and then back to the Eatery.
Gunner hand's Rhdy the gun back :
Rhyd : "What's this for ?".
Gunner : "Safety"
Rhyd : "Safety from what ?".
Gunner : "Things that go Bump in the night".
Rhdy : "But it doesn't work".
Gunner : "It don't work on human's dude".
Rhyd : "What the hell are you talking about, and what the fuck is The Arising".
Ice interrupts,
Ice: "We don't have time for this, Gunner take him to his chamber, and provide minimal instruction".
Gunner : "Follow me".

Rhyd's turning his gun over in his hand, thinking what the hell does this thing shoot, and we see them both leave the eatery. Camera sence
swithces quikly back to the board in the containment area, funny enough, and a little scary, the numbers are continuing to go up.

We see Ice leave the Eatery and as she walks along the passage toward's the main deck, the Computer System can be heard

Computer : "Body system, must undergo light phase clearing, body system is in critical stage of breakdown, commence procedure immediatley,
return for silication, return for silication".
Ice : "remind me later", wiping sweat from her brow. She's now appraching the board, and we can only assume it's to check that board is in fact
in lock down mode. Interesting shot here, as Ice approaches, numbers have slowely been going up, then just as she reaches the board, and peer's into the electron beam chamber the number's stop counting and she is left looking at a board with the number 235 on it's read out".
This doesn't seem odd, and nothing occur's although her look is somewhat quizical.

She turns to walk away....

So this is an area where we get a little more visual as we discover the interior of the Chameleon. Ice's foot steps can be heard echoing along
the corridors, and for the first time we enter the restricted access cargo bay. Ice approaches the container, places her hand upon it, as though
hoping to pick up some type of energy. She steps back and again, we're left wondering what she's thinking. She leaves the room with one door closing
and as it does, another open's and Gunner is heard

Gunner : "So this is it!".
Rhdy steps inside his room. Peer's around somewhat perplexed and frustrated.
Rhdy : "You know I'm not really that tierd", and who would be, you know you've got to wonder what kind of energy his on at the moment, surival
adrenaline or terror zone.
Gunner : "Well being tierd's one thing and being safe is another. This room will keep you safe for the night and just in case, you'll want to know
how to use this you use this".
Gunner show's us a rather slick gun routine, that would leave even the diehards impressed. "You hear anything you point and shoot, you do not ask questions,
you think you see something move, you shoot, you do not ask questions, do I make myself clear ?".
Rhdy : " Is this a trick question".
Gunner : "You know your a smart ass ".
Rhdy : " Yeah but not smart enough to know what's going on".
Gunner : "Yeah, and maybe not smart enough to make it through the first night, but if you listen, maybe smart enough to make it to the next day". "Now watch".
Turning, "See this door, when I leave, you press that switch, you do not open it again, until wake up call, you need to piss, you use a glass". "Do you understand
Rhdy : "Does that apply if I need to take a shit".
Gunner : "Oh you really are a wise ass".
With that Gunner turn's to exit. Rhyd start's to say something with a little fear in his voice
Rhdy : "Gunner, what's out there".
Gunner : "Only you're worst nightmare".

With that he exits and Rhyd presses the Lock Key.

Gunner goes to his sleeping quaters, and lock in commences. Computer can be heard in the background.
Meanwhile Iceexplosie, has recently arrived at a rather interesting room. I'm not going to go into the details other than to
say this is the Silication chamber. She assends a small flight of stairs, and Silication process begins.
As I said, I'm not going into what's going on here, however it's quite vital for the plot and way viusal. Real eye popping stuff.

Meanwhile back in Rhyd's quarters, his pacing back and forward, checking the lock, pacing, checking the lock. You just know
his wanting to get out, but he can't or can he ? He sit's down on his bunk,
Rhdy : "Oh man, this is not happening" as he rub's his temples. "Come on Rhdy think !". "Resolve the discrepency of time, what the
hell is the discrepency and what the hell is wrong with this picture". He lay's back on the bunk "Think dam it, wrong time ?, wrong place ?".
You can see his starting to drift off...and it's not long before we see twinkle, twinkle little stars as he enters dream state, in fact we see quite a
few odd things including flying sheep, however for readers of young (as in new to Rhyd's adventures) , well usually Rhdy has a number of
odd experiences when he enter's dream state, particularly when King Board is around, but King Board's not exactley in range so
what is going's the suspense up...

Rhyd stirs, in fact it doesn't look like his having pleasent dreams at all.....and then ......a noise is heard.....he shakes his head
what is that noise ?? At first we the audience have trouble determining it ourselves... his face is tensing as though something
unpleasent is occuring...and then in the distance....a sound that is somewhat more distinguishable is heard....first once,
then twice then again, in a regular succseesion, gradually growing louder....until Rhdy mumur's in his sleep...

Rhdy : "J-String ????"...shaking troubled.

Cut's to Lady Dragon fly and The Captain in the Loader, The Captain, is turning some knob's :

Lady Dragonfly, yelling : "I said what's that noise ?". A repetitive Bass string is heard amoung, what can only be
described as the loudest racket you've heard in a lifetime.
The Captain: "It's Metal".
Lady Dragonfly : "I'ts what".
The Captain : "Its metal".

Cut's to Rhdy
Rhdy : "J-String ??"...said as he slowely stirs....

Cut's to Iceexplosive halfway through a Siliconation process
Ice : "Rhdy". Said somewhat panicy...wonder what's wrong. ??

Cut's to Dragonfly and The Captain.
(Its Metal)

Dragonfly : "What like this ship?".
The Captain : "Yes like this ship, but only more powerful than this pile of nuts and bolts".
Dragonfly : "Is that why you listen to this music, does it make you feel powerful ?".
The Captain : "Yeah, it gives me strenght, strength and peace of mind".
Dragonfly : "From what ?".
The Captain : "Life, and woman (he add's somewhat jokingly), you know I don't know what your life's about but space is a lonely beat, Metal is my company, and Metal is my world, it gives me strenght from the solitude of life". "It's just one of those thing's .
Mind you now I've got some company." ...look's at her in that way I was talking about before.
Dragonfly : "Well it sounds more like someone died in space"...trying to avoid the eye contact.
The Captain : "That's because it's death metal"."Man you really need to learn about your metal's".
Dragonfly : "Yes well I'm afraid I'm more versed in the Ele-mentals".
The Captain : "Yeah, well maybe you can lay some magic on my Loader. ". we know what his thinking.
Dragonfly : not getting the joke "Oh and what's wrong with it".
The Captain : "Well it's an old model, you know none of the creature comfort's of home"...starts looking at Dragonfly in somewhat of
a fun loving but lustful way. We can almost imagine him running his hand over her exposed thigh....mmm...tastie...
Dragonfly feeling a little uncomfortable, stand's up and keep's her distance.
Dragonfly : "Well, maybe I can help you, I am an achitect, I could design some upgrades for you"....maybe playing along for the fun of it.
The Captain, look's at her...and interestingly has a little cough.
The Captain : "Yeah maybe you could"..another little cough, and now somewhat annoyed because he has a a frog in his throat. Somewhat impatiently, "pass me the med kit". She looks around and passes it to him, he pull's out a hankie and has another cough into it, this time he pull's the hanky away, and we see blood sputum on the hanky. Hmm his a little puzzled by that, becuase his usually quite fit, maybe a little worried.
Lady Dragonfly aware of what's taking place.
Lady Dragonfly "You sure you're loader's not the only thing that needs some magic?"...somewhat sarcastic.
Now somewhat agitated The Captain "No it's not, so how about you make useful, and cook me up some magic in the kitchen, a Metal man need's
his food ".
Lady Dragonfly :"Oh and what does Metal Man feel like"...again sarcastic..
The Captain : " I thought we'd have Dragon"....has a little chuckle to himself.
She is not amused....turn's and makes to leave the area....he turns the music up....the Dragon's react....of course they are disturbed...and he
casts a glance back at them, obviously not to impressed.

Now what's Dragonfly up to huh??

So Lady Dragonfly dissapear's into the dim dark bowels of Loader One, and we see her dissapear into what I gather is her
sleeping chamber while on board, funny enough it reaks of Dragonfly. I kind of gather when this woman makes bed in
your home, her overall ambience is carried with her. She takes of her necklace and begins communication .

Lady Dragonfly :"Lady Dragonfly come in Golden Dragon ".
Golden Dragon :"We are receiving Dragonfly".
Lady Dragonfly :"There is a difficulty, I don't think the Captain is going to make it, he's already showing signs of contamination sickness ."
Golden Dragon : "This is unfortunate, you must make sure that you can guide the vessel once you enter the Earth's Stratosphere ".
Lady Dragonfly : "I'm an architect, not a piolet".
Golden Dragon : "You will be neither if you do not learn ".
Lady Dragonfly : "But he is already suspicious".
Golden Dragon : "Then you must use your charm"
Lady Dragonfly : "I'd rather be fed to the bull frogs of Zanba"...somewhat defiant.
Golden Dragon : "You will obey your comand or perish with him".

Sensing the anger of the Golden Dragon, she agrees but we can tell she's not happy, as she throws her necklace across the chanmber..

Meanwhile of course The Captain's been getting a little peckish and is wondering what's taking so long on the food....not only that, he's got
something else on his mind...wonder what that is ??

So The Captain, being the clean well mannered type we know him to be so far, goes to the clean up room. Here he looks at himself in the mirror, and we get a first hand experience of him, looking at himself, and recognizing that something isn't quite right, but of course not knowing quite what it is. He is sweating profusely and has a small cough into the sink, again, we notice some blood in his phlegm, he washes this down the sink and fills his hands with water, splashing it over his face to cool him down. Again throwing water over his face this time he soaks his hair, and Oh No Captain my Oh My ! When radiation sickness hit's it really takes it's toll, as he wipes his hand's down the side of his head, eye's closed of course enjoying the refreshness of the water, however opening rather quickly to the odd feeling that his left with after deep stroking.
He looks down in amazement at his hand's now filled with an enormous amount of hair. Yes second stage radiation sickness is sinking in..
He gasps..

The Captain : "Holy.. fucking..Jesus.."...he looks up...eye whites just about popping out of their sockets...he looks down at the luminescent stain on his pants, throws the hair into the sink, and storm's off to find Lady Dragonfly. Of course she's not in the kitchen area he slams a couple of door's, and starts calling out her name..

The Captain : "Dragonfly *....Dragonfly "...he bursts into her chambers...and Oh dear...gets sizzled again...

The Captain..."For Fuck's sake..."...this time I gather he's had just about enough of being stir fried Dragon food, and pull's out his gun and fires..

Now believe it or not finally ...we have first fatality...smoking Dragon...wahhhhahaaa...
He turn's to face Dragonfly and holds out his hand.

The Captain : "Care to explain this?".
She's at a bit of a loss for word's I guess you could say, and one could doubt happy...she's on her hand's and knee's beside the dying Dragon...
Lady Dragonfly : "What is it?"...acting surprised....however hardly controlling her seething rage....meanwhile nursing the dragon
The Captain : "It's my hair"..
Lady Dragonfly .."I don't know...premature baldness".
The Captain..."Oh don't give me that crap, throwing the hair down, and what the hell is this shit ". Pointing again to the green goo. "You know ever since you've been on board, shits started going wrong, I'm coughing up blood, I'm loosing hair, I'm covered in green goo !...oh isn't he the today ain't the day I feel like what the hell is going on here".
Lady Dragonfly : "Maybe your listening to too much Death Metal"...we laugh...he points his gun at her...and shakes a little with rage..
Lady Dragonfly : "Look, all right...all're in a high stress environment and maybe the Dragon's have something to do with it.", obviously covering up the real truth behind our Captains aliments.
The Captain "..maybe ??"
Lady Dragon. : "Well yeah...maybe ...okay...and I don't deny it.."..trying to butter him up "my dragon's do have this type of effect on people that aren't accustomed to them, and what your exhibiting are symptoms of high
stress "...well this does actually make a little sense to The Captain, who's
felt a little overwhelmed by the fire breathers...."although once you become desensitized the symptoms should go"..
See...all is not lost...or is it...
The Captain :"So your saying it's a temporary thing ?".
Lady Dragonfly : "Yes"..
The Captain : calming down a little " and it will go away ?"
Lady Dragonfly : "Yes"...
The Dragon on the floor stirs slightly obviously not quite dead yet, with a low grumble...
The Captain : "When I calm down "..
Lady Dragonfly :'Yes"..
Dragon on ground...little grumble...roar
The Captain : "Great"...he says smiling, point's his gun, and takes fire again this time killing the Dragon.."I feel less stress already "..

Okay so small scene inclusion here (maybe).
However as usual nothing is as it seem's and the Dragon, as mentioned previously tranforms from Dragon, to human chamber maid,
although still somewhat dead..Of course the Captain who just does not react to thing's that don't make any sense to well, responds.

The Captain : "Now you want to explain that one for me?"
Lady Dragonfly : "You don't know what you've done"...hardly containing her fear of what is to she hold's the chamber maid in her arms
The Captain : "You know for once your absolutly right, I don't know what I've done, but I know what I'm going to do..."...
Well maybe you do, but I guess you don't know that your going to get just a little bit more crazed before you do it right...
the loader starts rocking uncontrollably from side to side, and our passengers are somewhat thrown around in the moment...
The Captain : "Now what the hell is that ?"..he start's to take off from the Chamber, walking with some difficulty as the Loader is
still rocking, must be a meteor shower...?? . As he apprached the flight deck, we expect a little Dragon outburst, however the
Captain get's in first this somewhat of an agrresive manner, he looks at them, and states "Dont even try it".
He reaches the flight deck, takes a seat, and looks in the monitor, thing's are still rocking but there's nothing there, next thing
we have the console lighting up, and a loud beeping...incoming transmition...
The Captain.."Less stress, she say's, less stress, how the hell do I get less stress, with the Kimo Dragon army on board?",..that's actually meant to
be humor..Obviously talking to himself. ...
Meanwhile in Lady Dragonfly's Chamber, we've seen a small incineration occur the dead dragon is sent off to Dragon Heaven. ...Lady
Dragonfly is then seen approaching the flight deck ...still in a some what Rocky stage...
The Captain switches on the communication console...not exactly in the best frame of mind as he's trying to juggle communications...and navigation at the
same time.

The Captain : "Loader One, state your business".
Lego Brain (Now Block Brain) : "Ah Captain, all is well I hope".
The Captain : "Lego Brain ?"...slightlly annoyed....a dull technotronic noise is heard in the background.
Lego Brain : "Yes it is I, and where is our pretty little Dragonfly".
Dragonfly makes it to the consel in time to reply...
Lady Dragonfly : "I'm here"....she comes crashing in and flick's her hair back.
Lego Brain : "Well you two do appear to be in somewhat of a mess", noticing their rather messy appearance and not being aware of their
current situation of rockiness..."not having any problems are we ?"...or worse up to something that Lego Brain might not be too happy about.
The Captain and Dragonfly in unison : "Yes We Are".
Dragongly "His an inconsiderate pig"....The Captain : "She's causing me too much stress" unison...meahwhile rocking
Both looking at each other in an almost stand off...
The Captain : "She's making my hair fall out "....Dragonfly : "His killing my Dragons" unison...meanwhile rocking
The Captain : "She doesn't like my music".
Lady Dragonfly : "He's upset the Celestical Dragon"..
Now its both The Captain and Lego Brain's turn .. "He's what ??".."Ive What ?".
The rocking stop's almost instantaneously.......The Captain...look's around puzzled and respond's to Lego Brain.
The Captain : "And she talks a lot of mumbo jumbo".
Lego Brain obvously indiffenet to their problems and more interested in his plan's for Techtonic Decay..
Lego Brain : "Well then it sound's as all is going well, and how long before the shipment reaches Earth ?".
The Captain look's at a few map's on the console ..."Your looking at around 12 day's".
Lego Brain : "12 day's ?? I will need to organise a transporter".
The Captain : "Your coming to Earth ??"..somewhat surprised.
Lego Brain : "Well I can't let you have all the fun without me, besides, a Ruler should alway's over see his project's".
The Captain : "It's hardly going to be fun, besides this is an Earth project, it's hardly in your Kingdom's Domain now".
Lego brain, recognising that he may have over stept the mark... and given a little too much away...
Lego Brain : "Yes...yes.. I see your point, however I grow weary of this place", exerting his Kingly Status, "and besides an
Earth Trip maybe exactly what I need to expand my horizon's and my scene"..he say's with a slighty evil chuckle.
Lego Brain drops an Earth Trip.
The Captain : "Well I don't know how many horizens you'll see, but you know the rules, dock, unload, rock and on the road again, so
I doubt I'll be seeing you...but have a nice day...and have a nice trip...over and out"...terminating the converstation....because really
his had just about enough of this pair.....
Lego Brain meanwhile say's "No I doubt you will be "
Turn's toward's Lady Dragonfly to continue the arguemetnt....
The Captain : "And you haven't made my dinner, now scram "...
Lady Dragonfly turns defiently to leave..The Captain turn's back to his console...and states...
The Captain : "and this relieves my stress".....the sound of a bass line is heard...pumping maddly away......and we hear...

Rhdy : " J- Sting ??"......
Rhyd stirs and one can hardly tell if he's awake or walking in his sleep, however we all know that sleep walkers have incredible control over
their actions, but perhaps not the control we're looking for in this situation.
We hear the strangly hypnotic sounds of J-Strings music beconing Rhdy from his room, he stands up and head's toward's the door, there appear's to be some internal conflict, "Don't open to wake up call"...his mind registering the sound as wake up call....His hand moves slowely to the switch...
no Rhdy we're thinking, don't do it...but we of course are not in control, and alas the inevitable, Rhdy's hand is place upon the switch and the
door opens...
Rhyd walk's slowely out of his room and turns toward's the music.
Iceexplosive in silicanation process cries out...."No Rhyd"...seeming to see the scene in her inner minds eye, she seem's to try to hault the system, almost as if to escape the Silicanation process, but to no avail, she struggles in the process.
Rhyd in the meantime is walking the corridor still in sleep it appears, the sound seem's to get louder and Rhyd's questioning J-String continues until Computer cut's in Computing System : "System is in lock down, you are in imminent danger, Arising has commenced security breaches have been registered, all crew must return to quaters immediatly, the Arising has commenced.
Switched to Gunner in his chamber, he stirs with the incomming message : " Dam it Kid, your going to get us all killed.", he pick's up his gun paces the room, and
repeat's his own word's obviously also in a state of conflict : "Do not open the door until wake up call, dam it, do not open the door until wake up call". It seem's as though he may stick to his own instructions.

We see Rhyd approach a door amoungst the many in the corridor, we should at this stage be incredibly spooked. His hand reaches for the door, in what appear to take minutes however is registered only as seconds, the sound stop's, he stops his action, the sound commences and his hand slowely reaches towards the panel for placement, we hear a voice
J-String : "Help Me Rhyd ".
Rhyd stuggling against the voices, "Do not open the door until wake up, can be heard echoing", "Help Me Rhyd". "J-Sting ?", still questioning the sound of the voice..."Where are you ?".
J-Sting : "In here Rhdy, help me, open the door Rhyd"
Rhyd places his hand on the panel, and our attention is drawn away, as Iceexplosive come's tearing down the passage, somewhat screaming from the distance
Iceexplosive : "No Rhyd".
Quick cut to Gunner "Do not open the door".
But it's too late....the door open's and Rhyd stumbles back in shock, awaken from his sleep walk, from his worse nightmare. In what appear's to be a holding cell is J-String she seem's fine, however as she step's forward, her body begin's to mutate as it did when Forbes sucked the lifeforce from her body.
Rhdy scream's out in pain at the site, Nooooooooo. ..and within seconds the spirit force is lashing out in grotest shape trying to sieze Rhyd..he stumbles back further and Iceexplosve arrives at the scene in time to shut the door before the spirit force can escape.
Rhdy is shaking uncontrollable,
Rhyd : "What....what...whaat was that?". His in shock...shaking uncontrollably..
Iceexplosive : "It's all right Rhyd"...she tries to confort him...but she's shaking herself...
Rhdy : "What the hell is going on here?"...some type of repressed anger and frustration, also disbeif..
Iceexplosive : "It's alright Rhyd, your okay, but we need to get you back to the quarters, it's not safe during The Arising for any of us".
Rhdy : "The Arising of what ??, what was that?".
Iceexplosive : "I don't know Rhdy, what was that ?".
Rhyd still shaking : "It was J-String, I mean, it looked and sounded like J-String, but it turned into something horrible.."..
Still shaking...."it's alright"....but it's not alright, because something's going on with Ice...she start's shaking...
Rhyd "What's the matter with you ?"..
Almost uncontrollably now, we could think she's going to start trothing at the mouth....
Iceexplosive "I need to finish silican..."
Computing system interrupts...."Body systems have reached damage overload, all life form's must clear the area, body system is in overload, conflagration will occur imminently, clear the area"..
Gunner in his room pacing : "What the hell is going on?"....his yelling pacing, he look's at his gun and we see the hero vs dead hero if he makes a mistake
as he states :"For thing's that go Bump in the night ", he takes a deep breath, presses the panel, and as the door open's does a military sweep...stating "it's time to toast some Zombie Ass".
However as he looks down the passage, he see's Ice and Rhyd, and runs to assist...

Ice is shaking maddly and Gunner look's to the Rock in her head, he doesn't like what he see's, his also annoyed that his out in the passage way
during the arrising.
Gunner : "You know kid, your bad news".
Rhdy : "It wasn't me I didn't do anything "...trying to help.
Gunner is trying to pick Ice up and drag her back to the Silicanation chamber..."Grab her legs"..
Computing System : "Decompression will commence in T-5 seconds, decompression will commence in T- 5 seconds.
Gunner : Dam it kid, grab her legs......his pulling her as fast as he can....toward's the Chamber...
Rhdy freaking out :".I'm going to die..... this is crazy ....I have to get to the board".
Gunner : "Rhdy you have to help me, it's the only way"..
Iceexplosive mumbles in somewhat of a dehydrated state : "Its too late"....
Rhyd's stuck between making a mad dash for the Containment area with the board, we see a flashing red number...back at the board...and some type
of danger light flashing...our hearts are beating faster as we're trapped between the decision of life and stay or go...
Suddenly the corridor's within which the scene is taking place comes to life.....the door's shift as they begin to open...and all the side panel's seem to
come to life...or at least begin to electrify into some form of matrix configuration..
Gunner : " do not have time to think, god dam it help me"...
Rhyd rushes forward and grab's Ice's legs....the count down commences....They're not going to and then every thing sound's can be
heard as the door's cease loud spirit computing system...just an almighty crashing type motion as all three characters are thrown
about as though something ginormous has hit the Chameleon....and then Time Stand's errie silence is heard.....the three passegers look around..
Rhdy : "What the hell is going on"..
Gunner : "I'm not sure, but it could be Rule No 7 "
Rhyd look's at Gunner "Rule No 7?".
Gunner grabbing to protect Ice who is in the process of deoxygenation ..and quite a mess..."When it can't get any worse, it does ".
Rhyd looks spooked....Ice is going horse in the mouth...."What's happening?"..
Gunner : "I don't know"..
Then as the passengers stare nervously around, something begins' to happen....another sudden shake of the Chameleon, and computing systems cut
in "All Systems are in lock down, unknown presence is detected".
Rhyd: "Where's your gun"...Rhdy whispers
Gunner looks around cautiously and lifts it slowely to face the direction of what appears to be the sound of a nut dropping on metal. But I gather that was not the
best thing to do in this situation....and the next minute we see Gunners hand thrown forward by an invisible force and into the semi darkness of the corridor the
gun is almost pulled out of his hand ....
The next thing we know....all items of lose metal....e.g. coins in Rhyds pocket...and spare gun casings are seen to drag along the floor of the Chameleon towards the darkness in front of them...
Ice somewhat depleted...but still conscious..."Its magnetic!"..
Rhdy : "What is?"...
Ice : "I dont know it's some kind of forcefield" as this force appears to be getting closer to the passengers Gunner whispers.."Can we make a run for it"
Rhdy : "Run to where ?"
Gunner : " I dont know, anywhere but here"..
The darkness is creeping up on them...
Rhdy : "We can't just leave you ", meaning Ice.
Ice : Rhyd I'm going to die anyway, but that doesnt mean you two have too"..
They both look at each other...But I gather this forcefield or consuming darkness that is enroaching is not about to give them much option of hanging around..
and in the space of a few moments we have a very nastie a sickening noise is heard as the passage infront of them slowely gets eaten by a darkness..Ice scream's "Run"...and Rhyd and Gunner make a made dash for it along the corridor, but it's too late, within moments Ice is being dragged down the corridor into the mouth of the darkness, and Rhdy and Gunner are consumed by it....all is black...nothing can be seen...and a voice is heard..
Rhdy : "Who turned out the lights"..this seem's kind of iconic...
Ice's voice can be heard in the distance : "It's not a forcefield "...
Gunner from the distance..."Then what is it ??"..
Ice responds : "T*** S*******"......and that is they mystery I leave you with...because here is the point...where thing's reach that top secret stage that I was talking about, and although I'm just dying to tell you what's going on ...I guess you could call this the missing chaper, that will be written...but I'm thinking once it is, well I'll go back to where we left off with the Captain and Dragon fly for a few more scene's until they hit the critical mass scene, where I take your brain hopefully on another loop hole to acidville and back....burn brain cell's sure we do....

This script has been completed and is stored off line. That occurred a very long time ago and it still has not been released to the public. It is being made available for sale although business partnerships are being sought for some kind of final development. (Both scripts were produced as a bit of a laugh but generally turned out quite good. As per the previous script small amendments can be made to keep the general adventures more consistent).