Lipcrack Business History and Structure as a business trades under the registered business of A for Alternative. ABN. 71759970273
A for Alternative runs as a Sole Trader activity.
Lipcrack deregistered A for Alternative and now runs as a hobby.

History of Hosting Accounts and Web Service Providers.

Pre History : The Bodymap Website, not yet included.

The history of inception goes back to my first position held as an Internet Sales Representative for, what at the time was called Cobweb Internet Services, I worked for this company in 1996/97 for a number of months, the business was sold to Chariot Internet Services.
Initial site development began in the area which is allocated to users as per their account purchase. It was run off the domain of the service provider as a user name e.g. and Once the site began developing it soon became evident that 10 Mb was not going to be enough space to host the site. After a period of time on line, I moved the files to a free hosting service called As far as statistics go from this site, I can only estimate that our time on line with this hosting service provider was around July 14th 2002 when the first site hit counter was incorporated into the site. There were actually two sites created which again ran off the free services section of the site. These were and At some stage, the Bravenet hosting services became associated with another company called I don't really recall why this occurred, but it resulted in half of our files being hosted with one company, and the other with another, which in fact was a little too messy.

At some stage, with no real recollection for how the name Lipcrack came into existence, other than deciding I wanted a name for the business that gave some form of meaning and expression to all things that Lipcrack was to become. I decided that this was a very dynamic name that fitted the medium's that I was working in, mainly music, sound, aromatherapy, computing and arts. The original Business plan name, Soul's Haven was dropped as the business moved into new mediums, although Soul continued to perpetuate through the existence of the building.
In fact as an email, was initiated as a response to a number of instances that were occurring at that time, this being one of them, the loss of Soul's Haven, the other being that when ever I was trying to send email's to individuals that I had met in the music industry via email addresses that I was provided with, the email's didn't go through or some other form of mystery surrounded the matter, basically it was created to inform people that I was missing in action.

Meanwhile the first inception of the band name Lipcrack for Soul Uzers was dropped and shortened to Lipcrack. There were many word anagram's and perceptions that were being portrayed by this naming, some of them sexual in reference, some of them taking a dig at the lack of feminine representation in music, and some just as a basic slap in the face to people that were not giving the feminine aspect of creation much more credence than being a piece of meat for sexual exploitation. So that's where Lipcrack started getting heavy, although when initially moving in all mediums it was not much more than a joke and something to have some fun with.

So of course in between times the internet services war's had commenced and various business groups were starting to take their claim of market share for service provision and of course pocketing high end takings from the consumer market. Lipcrack came into the market place with little knowledge of how the major's were going to start eating away into the small amount of income we were being provided via social welfare. However to sit still and do nothing to further our position in life would be suicide, although in doing so it seemed again, suicide.

So from service provider to service provider we hopped in an effort to maintain the asset, while trying to minimize the cost of production for running it, while also trying to keep it running from people who were obviously working at making it not run. This was no easy task with service providers that were capitalizing on booting systems for dial up accounts which would boot you off the system so that you had to radial into the company via the telephone system and thus being able to maximize profit's all the while at the consumers cost.

Around December of 2003 the Lipcrack name was finally decided upon as the name that would be registered for website development. This was in fact a very important stage in the building of because it established that I was willing to put money into this business for furthering it's development. The site could in fact still be run as a free site, but in terms of creating an identity for what was being built this established a more concrete presence for those that were willing to join us on the journey of developing a band, a site, a brand, and whatever else would become.

Little remain's of the initial site developed on numerous servers, although by now which was to become had taken their fare share of hosting and telephone dollar's from our pockets, with little in return from anyone that was visiting the site and downloading from us. Again, why Souluzers was incorporated into the naming. Basically it felt with each download with no monetary return it was soul destroying. So thankfully we still had our Social Welfare Benefit, which it seemed would be the next item that they would try and take away.
Meanwhile when connecting with the Iprimus account I was unable to get the user name I wanted, I recall being asked what user name do you want ?, as nothing really sprang to mind, I said "Uzer", and this was how the "Uzer", part of the name became incorporated into Lipcrack. We were computer Uzers and there were Lipcrack for Soul Uzers.

From there the list of Web Hosting Service providers grew, with each alleged Spam Complaint, or failure in provision of service. It didn't take long to realize that all shapes and all sizes of people and business groups were going to make our life a hell on Earth, rather than a pleasure to do business with. This update shall continue soon.

Documented : ISP, Westnet, Anfy Hosting, Chariot,, Wildwest/Godaddy, Kmet. TPG.

Business Growth and Development

1995 : First Business registered X-Cell Live, a music industry promotions business that focused on promoting Australian hardcore music.

1996 - 1997 : First inception of web site for business owner run off member page of dial up account's with various
ISP's . Commencing with Cobweb Internet Services (later to become Chariot), followed by One-tel which later became Iprimus. Currently run from an ISP in New South Wales under a Broadband account. Confidential for privacy.

2001 -2002 : A for Alternative registered as a business. Accounting procedures were put in place, business activities prior to this have been recorded through tax agents.
Following the preparation of a business plan under a small business training course, an art's business was commenced. Item's were purchased for inclusion into an online website that had been providing natural healing and metaphysical health information for customers and web site browsers. Following this the site expanded to include song lyrics and musical inserts. A number of different business concepts were tested for inclusion however these were not continued.

2003-2004 : Purchases in line with business development and evolving internet technologies were continued. Most relevant for this period of purchases were the software components that facilitate the back end marketing to email addresses. The main benefit of this process is that list's do not have to be stored on competing business servers and decreases the likelihood of list pilfering. What this means is that mailing list's do not come into the hand's of business groups that can duplicate them and utilize them for their own business practices.
Some art's purchases were made, along with item's for musical development.

2004-2005 : Purchase of art items ceased this year, it is considered that there is currently enough stock on hand. Market is monitored for future purchases. Commenced trading account in finance sector. This account remains open for future business development. Major purchases including updating computer to new laptop considered the main operational business asset of the business.

2005 -2006 : This year expenses increased due to an international round the world promotional tour. Details of tour can be found on website main page. This caused a sharp increase in expenses.
Business expenses have increased from 2001 to 2006, however business has diversified in that time creating more revenue streams. Although some expenses have increased the benefit's seem to outweigh the costs in terms of efficiency. For example an upgrade to a broadband account has increased speed of managing day to day business activities. Although business is currently running at a loss due to expenses, stock on hand has increased over time, also art appreciation must be taken into account in the event of sales.

2006-2007 : This year saw more effort going into Research and Development with some very pleasing results. Lipcrack were able to establish which program's to continue to update as a part of continuing business development due to their excellence in performance, these are utilized mainly in creation of products for the marketplace, these decisions had an overall effect on expenses. Along with this research we were able to develop new skill's for further reach into the marketplaces we are targeting mainly Entertainment Based Industries. This saw the introduction of Switch The Channel Productions. Along with new MP3 updates we also added a new Video Section to our range of products. Although currently provide services for the distribution of products we still are interested in making it an Alternative Service for other product producers.
In terms of business relationships we have maintained our position with our Overseas's Hosting Company and after many unsuccessful attempts at locating an ISP locally we currently have an ongoing business relationship with a Melbourne based ISP.
In terms of overall business performance we increased stock only marginally. Business expenses decreased significantly however this mainly would be attributed to international travel and promotion cuts. Future business development and sale of capital items will require some travel. We increased asset's ready for production in terms of a new movie script completed and registered with the Screen Writers Guild of America.
Investment income increased and business income loss was decreased. In terms of movie creation, this is not currently included in expenses as it is being assessed in terms of inclusion in business development. No costs so far incurred have been included in business assessment, however it may at a later date be incorporated into business costs through a project pool.
Overall the business performance indicated an improvement in cost management and income revenue increased. It would be reasonable to say in terms of business operations it would be unlikely that costs could be reduce further without decreasing efficiencies of business operations.

2007-2008 : This financial year has moved from Research to straight development of our first 3-D animation production. This task will take a number of years to complete, however as it is a new technology and will provide audiences with a new form of 3-D film entertainment Lipcrack believe it is an objective worth persuing. In terms of marketable products we have at this stage more original artworks available for production on various materials than we have monetary resources to produce them. This however we see as an operational bonus in terms of niche marketing these items. Of course the world is full of products on shelves but Lipcrack feel they have something very original and very salable to the right audience. Our direction in the coming financial year is to find investors, which we shall pursue vigorously. Stock on hand in terms of art items has remained constant with no intention at this stage for further purchases although agencies have been contacted for sale of items and will continue when time is available. Due to the move for in house production, expenses to some extent have been decreased however marketing drives in the coming year for investors will most likely see this increase again.
Income from financial market trading increased and loss this year was also decreased, however loss still outweighs initial investment. One could only conclude that Lipcrack are getting better at trading, however given trading changes in the market, it is difficult to determine if losses could be recuperated. Perhaps it could, however it is a decision, due to the time required to participate in the markets, at this stage to cease trading until a more favorable time. That is when we have time, perhaps after the completion of the first production.
Total expenses decreased as did net loss from the business. This made more income available for investment in the first production and has left a small balance available for investing in Lipcrack product creation. A number of supplies or physical items including magnets, cards, t-shirts have been sampled and at this stage we are building a small range of items that meet production standards for our audience. This has and is taking some time, because some items just don't make the final range cut, so to speak.
Overall it could be said that Lipcrack has reduced all business operating costs to a bare minimum reducing yearly net loss, at the same time, improving the overall design and presentation of the business for investors. The site itself has been redeveloped, is easier to navigate and concise in presentation of what we do and offer as a part of our services. In terms of advertising it is still a far more suitable medium for the business in terms of interest it generates than any other medium sampled e.g. print media.
There are many way's and directions that Lipcrack can continue to develop and of course we are always wanting to push those boundaries further in terms of musical creation, performance and production. Lipcrack is highly expandable in terms of market development, and in terms of the mechanics of the site, and in relaying music to audiences we feel we have one of the most workable solutions for music marketing available. It is felt we could approach a range of industries for sale of the mechanics of the site and it's operations, which is something we will consider should a suitable offer be made. Although there are no immediate plans for a business sale, it is a very salable item.
Overall 2007-2008 Lipcrack was run with high integrity to minimizing business costs, and deriving profit to sustain it's operations and it's work force. Site redevelopment has created a more accessible frontage which is clearly sign posted according to it's business systems. Current economic conditions may hinder some areas of growth, however we remain committed to our audience in terms of production output.

2009 - 2013 - Deregistered A for Alternative.
Lipcrack now runs as a hobby site on a wireless connection.

2015 - Site moved due to dispute with web hosting company. Caused major disruption to running site, mail which had recently been authorized via third party mailing promotions thrown in turmoil. Site moved twice in an attempt to locate suitable hosting services which matched back end opperations.


Historic information however time permits, will consider updating.
An ideological look at Lipcrack and its evolutionary path.
A look at business area's for further development.

This inside look at is by no mean's complete, it is the intention of to keep this record as up to date as possible.
Further additions will include the History of Lipcrack, where we started and where we want to take it. realize that the potential to build upon the base product is quite large. Lipcrack has always been an evolving phenomena, and we hope to keep it that way. Although it is not our intention to sell we believe that good records provide the basis of professional advancement and help other's to understand how we would like to see it evolve.

Lipcrack Business Infrastructure

Crack Unit Machine
Dell Vostro 1520 Series
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6570 2.1 GHZ
Storage 223 gig
Installed Memory 4 gig.
Microsoft Windows Professional XP
Current Mixed personal, and business usage, Crack Squad Machine run via cable from this machine as permits, see below.

Following Two Machines Now OBSOLETE

Crack Sqaud Machine - defunct due to accident
HP Pavillion DV5 Notebook PC.
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8400 2.26GHZ
Installed memory 4 gig.

The Crack Machine
The one and only original machine that really got things started. Extremely temperamental this machine is vital to Lipcrack due to it being the only
XP machine that runs a rare video editor being used for the production of a 3-D movie.
Acer Extensa
Intel Celeron M 540 1.86 GHz
Storga 100 gig
512 Mb RAM

Lipcrack External Storage Facility
1000 gig (1 Terabyte) Harddrive - personal and business usage. Currently USB / Esata cable.
500 gig. Currently personal and business usage. USB only - no longer in use , however still functions.
1000 gig Harddrive - USB - no longer in use but capable for storage.

Accessories - most obsolete for current systems

4 Port Cable Modem - working
2 Spare New Ethernet Cables - connect the PC to the modem
2 New Esata to USB adaptors
1 New Sata to USB adapter Domain.
The Domain has been in operation since 2001 when first purchased from Previous to this it was run as a free website on the Bravenet service at A secondary site was also opened at, this has often been disputed however records and receipts show this clearly to be the case. Prior to that the site including health information and musical releases made available via website pages run from member accounts of local and interstate ISP local dial up connections.

The site has been transferred to a number of different web hosting services in that time due to alleged Spam Breaches. In the event that the domain were made available for sale, there would be no requirement that the site continues as a release site for music, however a penalty installment price would be applied for the change of business practice.

The domain is registered to :

Alena Housego
100 Upper Sturt Rd
Upper Sturt
S.Australia 5156
Ph 61 8 83397523

Lipcrack WebHosting.
The Domain is hosted in the United States. The site host service provides an easy to use panel for updating the site and includes a number of additional services including statistical monitoring. The domain registra for Lipcrack is separate to the hosting company, however it enables self managed facilities in terms of Name Server management. This is useful when it comes to moving site hosts due to upgrades or more required resources.

Lipcrack Internet Connection. (Now Obsolete)
Currently the Lipcrack site is run on a broadband ISP connection. The connection enables to promote itself using various marketing techniques available to Internet Marketers. These processes are restricted knowledge processes, in terms of the working's of
internet and its evolving market places, but one such example is news groups. The connection enables mail to mail promotions via email lists. This service can be upgrade to an ASDL account via the modem. Currently place of business does not reside on an upgraded line so better results may be achievable from infrastructure if located elsewhere. Currently all infrastructure is easy to relocate due to the size of the main capital items, which include a laptop computer and ASDL modem.

Lipcrack now runs on a Wireless service.

Lipcrack MP3's.
A number of Lipcrack Mp3's are available on the site for free download. In the event of a sale of the site a price would be required for settlement transfer of music and lyrical copyright of these items. Previously published items and non released items are not included and would have to be considered in the terms of sale. These releases will are cataloged at however does not include or material which is stored on external drive and in various publishing mechanisms

Lipcrack Blog
Rrun from the web hosting panel with WordPress.

Lipcrack Tour Photo Gallery
The items in this gallery are not for sale and would not be included in the sale of This is merely a photo gallery of Lipcrack's first world tour experiences. That is not to say that would not be willing to negotiate on this item. Currently the gallery is updated via an application that came with the computer. It has a number of small coding errors. Due to the unlimited hosting application, this area of the site, could be continued as a photo gallery by running a different gallery publishing application.

Lipcrack Photo Gallery
Lipcrack updated site to include photos of Alena Housego original member of Lipcrack.

Lipcrack Email
Lipcrack run a state of the art email program, so no longer is receiving email's from the boss a drama and mailing your friends is a pleasure with 3-Dimensional emails and 3-D rotifers. This part of the program is for personal use and is not part of the List Management Software listed below. This company is listed on NASDAQ exchange where its mission includes creating an entertaining email experience. Recent updates to the program include a translator that automatically translates from all number of languages, it also has a back end dictionary connection. Numerous skins are available to enhance your mail experience and a skin kit enables your business to build it's own. A VIP customer service desk enables a clarification on any mail problems. Click here to see a sample of mail deliveries.
This service has been paid for in full all updates are free, and it can be updated to Gold status for a minimal amount. That is not necessary for our needs..

Lipcrack Animations
Lipcrack has a page which details small animation releases from developmental work with 3-D Animation. Currently available free to download via

Lipcrack Extreme Cubism 3-D Music Screen Saver. (Now Obsolete)
This item is available for resale. It is currently offered for sale at approximately $5.00 AU. Windows XP only.

One Trading Account with 2 Checkout. (Now Obsolete)
This is not time limited. Account has been purchased and enables business owner to add items for sale within the guidelines of salable items. Please check Inc. web site for prohibited items list. In the event of a sale of the site, this account would be included along with details of account and password. This section of the Lipcrack site can be found at

Account was closed but not by Lipcrack, as a result without further enquiry all parts of site with 2Checkout were removed in the 2013 update.

Lipcrack Telecommunications Service (Now Obsolete)
Lipcrack run a telephoney service through the broadband service. This is a VOIP service run through an online telecommunications carrier.
It has numerous advantages due to the lower costs for making calls to land lines, mobile phones and other users of this service, to which call's are free. Installed on the computer it also incorporates into the Explorer Browser, therefore when you click on a website that display's a telephone number all you need do is click the number which also has international extensions automatically inputted. Conversations can be run through telephone headsets attached to the computer or just by talking into the computer mic.

Lipcrack New's Section. (Now Obsolete)
Run by a news updating software application, Flash Blogger. Requires news to be compiled in a word document processor, cut and pasted into the news software and uploaded to the web hosting service. Software application has a number of adjustable features and can be changed to give almost any look and feel, including backgrounds, colors and layout. This application does not require renewal, and will need to determine if it has a transferable license, also will need to check, for free updates function. To be completed. See below process for updating news section.
This program is run from the External Hard Drive.

Lipcrack Pop Up Blocker. (Now Obsolete)
This item is currently made available free on the website and would be made available free of charge in the cost of sale of
For the selling of this web application, please note that the software that produces this application is upgraded and a licence can be purchased for selling the pop up blocker. Currently it can be offered for free, and can also be upgraded to include a range of useful functions which can be distributed for free. Basically if you wish to sell the application you need to pay for the license to do so, which provides you with access to sell the item at whatever cost you like. The software provider seem's very approachable and is willing to negotiate on these terms.
This information would be available on request, and would also be included in the event of a sale of the website and domain.
It should be known that evolving technologies and upgrades of different internet browsers affect the longevity of this item. Currently it does work on the Microsoft Explorer browser, but competing products do try to remove the application.
Need to include a list of other functions of Toolbar. Also need to create a thank you install page and thank you uninstall page.

Robby The Robot. Currently uninstalled.
Robby the Robot is a program application provided by Microsoft. It is a free application that can be run on any one who runs a website. See instructions below for maintaining the talking robot .Robby the robot has been uninstalled, however can be easily installed again, if required.

Computer Diagnostic Operations

The below items are new items for maintaining the operations of the website on The Crack Squad Machine (refer's to the computer that holds the life of These item's maintain the security and functionality of the computer.

The Crack Unit Machine

Runs Windows Professional XP

Data Flow Mechanism
Due to being informed of data excess in terms of web flow traffic via Internet Services, a data flow mechanism has been installed on the computer, it monitors all traffic input and output from the computer and graph's all data. In the case of a dispute regarding traffic flow this provides clear and concise evidence of the data flow from the machine.
Advanced Windows Care
For registry repair and temp. file removal, spyware and add removal.
Cache Checking Mechanism
Analyses computer resources and switching function so that Ram usage can be best utilized in performance of work functions.
Security Encryption Strength file deletion process.
Data Flow Mechanism
Due to being informed of data excess in terms of web flow traffic via Internet Services, a data flow mechanism has been installed on the computer, it monitors all traffic input and output from the computer and graph's all data. In the case of a dispute regarding traffic flow this provides clear and concise evidence of the data flow from the machine.
System Monitoring Service
This program is Vista compatible and monitors system resources across the entire platform of Vista. It is useful due to it's ability to do a wide sweep of all computing systems functions and makes any necessary repairs when prompted. Includes security, registry, hard drive, temp. files, memory and registry defrag clean ups. While many of these functions are already available in Vista, it automates the process.
Advanced Windows Care
For registry repair and temp. file removal, spyware and add removal.
Cache Checking Mechanism
Analyses computer resources and switching function so that Ram usage can be best utilized in performance of work functions.
Security Encryption Strength file deletion process.

Lipcrack Business Divisions Found on Site Map

The Lipcrack site came into being after a number of business restructuring and renamings. Initially called Soul's Haven the business plan was published at are considering re :publishing this item. It has provided a basic framework for the development of the site, and over time due to market conditions has changed to reflect evolving markets. It is now included in the site.

Included on the site map :

1. Film
Lipcrack's first Screenplay "Steel City Skater" was written and registered with the Screen Writers Guild of America on 30/06/2000. It has been renewed and is effective until 30/06/2015.
The sequel to this screen play is completed with half the script being registered with the Screen Writers Guild of America on 25/05/07 till 25/05/12.
Lipcrack intend to further develop this section of the site, in terms of product offerings to their wider audience.

2. Music
The Lipcrack site was developed using a software application that manages HTML encoding. Although Lipcrack are familiar with HTML language for the purpose of this site, it is easier and more efficient to manage it with a software application that does the "hardwork" for you.
Although the application is quite old in terms of it's release date, it does and continues to serve the purpose of developing the Lipcrack site.
In fact I don't use many of it's available functions. This item was given to me years ago and if needed by future developers would be included in the sale of the business. Further information about the item would be made available at that time.

3. Lipcrack Shopping Cart
Currently being updated with a range of products that have been purchased to on sell to our site visitors. All items are tested for quality, stainability, and marketability to
our audience. We only purchase and sell products that we would happily wear and use our selves...and do. This cart can hold 1000 items for sale. Currently necessary things like
returns, warrantees and conditions are being developed, at this stage there has been no problems, however we realize we must adjust to market expectations in terms of returns.

4. Blog

5. Photos

Chronology of Lipcrack Releases.

Software Applications

Flash Text . This software application is responsible for building flash animation's for the website. It has been utilized quite successfully on the front page of the site in pop up applications for special promotions. Although this page has not been updated recently there are plan's to, this software application comes with 200 text effects and various backgrounds. The software makers periodically create updates, which can be downloaded free of charge. Can export to AVI and gif format. 39.95

List Management
Mail management programs include a targeted list search program for managing lists. Lists can be merged, split into smaller lists, duplicates and improperly formatted files removed, and statistics on those lists e.g. names, number of email, and domains recorded. Removal from lists is done manually at this stage.
The second set of List Management software can be utilized to verify that an email box exists at the end mailing destination. It us useful for removing invalid email accounts due to closed email accounts. This can be a useful time saving function in terms of list management.

Mailing lists managed from External Harddrive.

Mailing Software
As stated previous, we currently utilize a state of the art mailing program for the management of email marketing.

Blogger Software : Stand alone program, that is utilized as a new's service in the Lipcrack site. It enables one to provide a news service with little or no HTML programming, just input your text, create link's to other pages or input images. There are no size requirements and you can also include background images to give a different look and feel. A pop up calendar allows for easy navigation to previous news releases and can be edited to make corrections if required. There is a built in ftp program for uploading to the web host. I prefer to use the Internet Explorer ftp function. Changed to site hosted blog.

3-D Development Tools.
For animation production, Lipcrack currently run three 3-D development tools. They are as follows :

1. Landscape and Modeling Development Tool. Currently running updated version of program.
2. Figure Modeling Tool. Running updated version.
3. Landscape Generation Application - Purchase of secondary landscape generation package. Program was made available through sale, and while not a pare-requisite, additional staff utilizing program development features would be useful for feature creation.
4. 3-DD. Modeling and Animation Creation Tool - As yet have not really explored the functionality of this program. Purchased the syllabus course which is high end technical for creating models where as the above two programs are more concerned with model manipulation. Of interest is the ability to use this tool in game development, although once learnt would have a multitude of functionality within development of film, game, and advertising mediums. (Currently not installed on computer).

WebSite Development Tool.
This is an old website development tool that still servers it's purpose. Used for developing the Lipcrack site, it's functionality is only touched upon. It also incorporates a VRML component, a picture editor and illustration drawing program. Various scripting languages can be incorporated into it, and it has a database management facility. The Lipcrack site is designed for easy functionality. By that I mean to suggest that a home user could run the site with few problems. While many other sites require high end scripting language the site was developed so that when new software products with functionality required to improve the site come on the market, they can be easily incorporated into the site. For example, any product with HTML compatibility, e.g. text makers, game facilities, calendars, could all easily be added to the site with few problems. It also has a web site manager, so that any script of missing page links can easily be traced and replaced. If a potential purchaser of the felt compelled to change the site, this could easily be done with no programming language. It would just require opening the program, clicking on the item you wish to change and cutting and pasting it to the new location.

Web Skinning Program
Program that allows one to set own specifications for the desktop. Updates are available online and can be downloaded and reformatted within program.

Business Procedure.

As time permits one must develop new products to offer initially to the Internet Community as this is the current place of business or business market for Although MP3's are the current range of products that has develop, it is envisaged this core base will be expanded upon.

1. Keep Firewall System Maintained.
2. Run Computer Monitor System.
3. Start up Browser Check Mail Accounts.
4. Start Mail Program , open promotions email, attached appropriate list, start mail program.
5. Remove unsubscribe requests from lists.
6. Prepare new promotions email's as required for new mail outs.
7. Create new product range for site visitors.

Updating News Section.
1. Prepare new's item in word processing program. Currently use the Lipcrack email program mentioned above due to it's spell check facilities. Any word processing program is fine.
2. Transfer document to Flash Blogger program, save files to New's folder, currently call Lipcrack Blog on the computer External Drive..
3. Import saved document into the Web Designer program, this allows you to change the background color of web page, add link buttons and if you want, to develop the page further. Currently the page is kept very simplistic.
4. FTP files to the hosting server, as per above ftp process.

Updating Main Page.
1. FTP to server

Maintaining Mailing Lists Procedure.
1. See above Mail List Management Software
2. To be completed in step by step process.

Managing Computer Resource.
1. Clear out dated files via various file clean up methods.
2. Create Restore point when necessary.
3. Copy files over to disc, for back up purposes.
4. Defrag computer every month.
5. Make back up copy of all new software purchases.

Current Lipcrack Project.
1. Keep an eye on prop's market place and bookmark for later purchase after comparison of products.
2. Continue Development of site and products.
3. Network for work opportunities.

Accounting .
1. Document quarterly expenses.
2. Complete yearly tax return.