Welcome to the Lipcrack Business Reports Center.

Here you will find a reports of Lipcrack visitors. This enables those that are interested in Lipcrack and it's life on line to gain an overall view of our progress. These files are in pdf format and can be downloaded from the link below by right clicking and saving target to hard drive.

Summary of the Year 2005 from April to December.

Summary of Jan 2006

Summary of Feb 2006

Summary of March 2006

Summary of April 2006

Summary of May 2006

Lipcrack were achieving positive growth potential until this period. The site was at this point accused for Spam and all records and files removed from its possession with demands for release payments. As we are of the belief that this was a strategic move by competitors we removed the site from the hosting company. We are awaiting the end of contracts with this company before we pursue any further action. Several months of data have been removed, although we are willing to make this available if requested.

In the meantime, Lipcrack have changed hosting companies. The business is continuing to run, however promotion efforts to our lists has slowed due to competition between resources as we develop new product ranges. We shall commence posting results at the end of
August and move to more promotion through mail outs.

So after a month of downtime, shifting site pages and just getting back into the routine of sending out mail, below is an insert from the Summary stats. for the months of June, July and August . The site did not go back on line till around the 25th of June and this is indicated by the number of visits. Good news however is that there is a gradual recovery in place, which with a few more hours dedicated to sending out mail, should see, more improvement. is The f

Please Note : At the current time we are only running at about 30 % efficiency due to competition between computer resource for
rendering and mail out time.

Recent Visitor Results : June July, August Summary

September 2006

October 2006

So this month's results are quite interesting. As you may be aware I have not had the interruptions of attending Job Network meetings where they can determine how the looking for work efforts are going. In fact the only looking for work I have been engaged in is promoting Lipcrack.com. Now as I thought, not having to attend unproductive meetings, would create some change on the results, and it did, so much so, that I believe someone went to an extended effort to prevent me showing the decline in productivity that is caused by attending these meetings or termed more precisely the increase in site visitor numbers due to no interruptions.

So what has occurred, and it may even be the Hosting Company , least we forget all the great fathoms of business propaganda that has originated from Graduates in Universities that try and dictate that every business needs a Human Relations Department, a Publicity Department etc when perhaps all people really need is the ability to get on with their lives without Government Thug's and Church Group's trying to dictate every persons moves. And I don't really think it need's any more explanation when I inform you that the Hosting company operates out of Florida. (No offence Florida, but we do know who run's most of the business in that State).

But then again, maybe it was someone attacking the server. Needless to say, the results went missing on November the 24th. And by the time they got them up and running again there was only one week's data to go by which I have included. What I have also included is a breakdown from the other Stats. package running on the other server, which did not fail in that month, and again these show's the gradual increase as we've moved into promotion since the change over in Hosting Companies. These result's also show the number of unique new visitors. Of course I do believe that we could be bringing in many more visitors because at the moment, we are resending to old lists.

The main upset in this, I should say, is that we've had no correspondence from the hosting company apologizing for the Stats. data that is now

However what follow's is what information we do have on :

November 2006 last seven day's with missing data.
November 2006 last seven day's results without total.
November 2006 total of results via secondary stats. package

December 2006
This month saw our highest total monthly results for 2006, and also the highest MB download amount from the site. This is not reflected in the
result's and need's some explanation so that figures can be interpreted correctly. The Lipcrack account with the new hosting service was
purchased mid month, approximately the 21st of June. Download's are calculated from the 21st of any month to the 21st of the following month, whereas the statistical package calculates downloads from the first day of the month to the last day.

January 2007
Site visitor numbers declined this month due to what I would say is one reason only. We have stopped mailing our lists. In fact all mailout's have ceased. Although mailout's have ceased, I am pleased with the number of visitors that visited our site this month. Mailout's are also to be halted for the Month of February. This is as a result of new business policy.

February 2007
Previous a new business policy was mentioned, there's been a number of ongoing test's to determine the strength of the Lipcrack audience, this was performed by using a fall off test. For this test it was assumed that the moment mailing stopped one could expect that the results for site visitors would fall of by half and for the subsequent month at least half again. This wasn't quite the case, and in fact the results came in with higher than the previous month's visitors. This in part was due to new mail outs to business groups and a small mail out to our VIP list for a mini promotion on Valentines Day. These mail outs were for approximately four day's in total, at different time periods.
The following tables show 1. Our monthly visitors for February, 2. Show's the increased activity during the mail out period and finally 3. Show's the results of the increase in new site visitors activity. These results would tend to indicate that the core base of Lipcrack fans is strong, while there is plenty of room for new growth potential through mail out's along with other advertising.

March 2007
This month see's the highest monthly site visitor numbers.

April 2007
There was a drop in site visitors this month. Along with having a number of down day's, we also entered some new territories. In most cases it appear's as though we have larger turn out's when we mail to State's that are already aware of us and have come back to the site to enjoy our latest releases. We are still very pleased that the site has attracted attention from these new regions.

May 2007
Again there was a slight drop in site visitors this month however this is attributed to a halt in mailing to mailing lists. Lipcrack were informed that a SMAP complaint had been received via AOL. This is not disputed as an error was made when resending to this list and a previous removal request most likely appeared in the mail outs. Lipcrack subsequently had their mailing through ISP service canceled via the ISP. This is currently being disputed. Mailing services ceased on May 28th. Lipcrack have no doubt that site visitor results would have been higher for this month had this not occurred.

June 2007
This month's site stats are in again, with a slight drop from the previous month. Although down, I would not consider this is due to decreased demand for Lipcrack.com the reasons I state that are as follows and I have included a secondary stats page as support for this.
Secondary Stats
For the period of June 1st to June 11th (Australian Time) Lipcrack mailing was on hold while change over to a new ISP was instigated. One could expect a drop due to this period of downtime. Site stats are dated according to American time dates and thus are one day behind events taking place here. As per the start of returning to mailouts on a service that was not restricting the flow of band with (Monday Adelaide Time, public holiday) mail out's were again started. (June 10th and June 11th).
As per the secondary stats page, one can see that hits and kilobytes down load was doubled and tripled in some instances. Following that when the ISP returned on Tuesday, they had stopped the service while saying that there was too many mail going through the system and that the system had backlogged. Lipcrack dispute this due to the fact that it seems evident that all mail had gone through.
Following that we ceased mailing until the following weekend as we had already cleared one month's worth of mailing in record time. These figures will appear as June 16th and June 17th in the secondary stats reading. As you can see downloads Kilobytes and hits in this time frame increased significantly. Following that on the following Monday we were again informed that we would need to drop our mailing capacity. This was to a figure which was 65% below the previous output that we had with our other provider. We did adhere to this, and following we were able to determine that our stat's figures are more than likely being manipulated. I have removed the data for July 20th because I am of the belief that this data was manipulated by a cult group. I do not wish to expand on this further, however I am aware of their coding system. Evidence to support this is located at the date of June 23, where it is clearly evident that this figure is a clear manipulation of the data and unlikely. As is the data on June 26th. Subsequent data would support that decline is due to the restriction on mail to 65% of previous capacity and we shall be looking at a solution of running mail through our web hosting company mail servers to resolve this problem. Most likely this will occur some time in the following week. Although the claim of data manipulation seems outrages, I do believe it to be true.
With regards to the overall decline in site visitor's again, we are still mailing in remote area's and when we move back into the capital cities we expect that site visitors will strengthen, although most likely we will not pursue this plan on our current ISP as it is clearly evident that their operations do not support the requirements of our own although mailing through our internationally hosted ISP servers may resolve this issue. The fact that data is being manipulated on the server is also of concern.

July 2007
This month's stats were down again again, attributed to another change in ISP, we were informed there was an inability of servers to handle the mail load that was being put through their servers. Subsequent change over to a new ISP has seen the same problem, with mail limits. A solution was suggested by the web hosting company to run mail through the Lipcrack.com domain in the United States. This was implemented after a down time of a number of weeks. Mail figures would represent this downtime. Mailing was recommenced on the 1st of August although the focus has been taken off consumer groups to business group lists which may be interested in forming partnerships with
Lipcrack.com to continue business objectives.

August 2007
So finally a change in the weather. As you would recognize the last few five month's have seen a steady decline in visitor numbers, and as I have stipulated and wish to reconfirm, in my thought's has been due to all number of ISP restrictions and attempts at anti-competitive practices, although they claim server load issues, which I still dispute due to evidence gained in mailing stats. Although a number of issues presented themselves in the change over and mailing through the lipcrack.com domain with the web hosting companies mailing servers, I believe on August 27th the final issue of SMTP Authorization was resolved. The error was due to the SMTP requiring the whole email address, rather than just the user name. Previous to this for the month the mail was going through sporadically without authorization. At this point I would like to point out that mailing is running at close to 10% efficiency, although in comparison to mailing on a lower capacity broadband size it is running at 100%. By this I mean that it takes about 2 hours to do a task that was taking a whole day with previous ISP carriers. In the meantime, additional time is being allocated to expanding the core base activities of Lipcrack.com, in animation for video/film production. There is also potential to expand this core base in to other technology based operations however at this stage I will not elaborate on this.

For this months reports I have included an additional look at a month's visitors in terms of where our visitors are coming from. I think that the visitors in term's of country interest is very interesting.

Country Visits

I don't like to be too optimistic in my thought's as to how the business will go in following month's however I am certain that the Lipcrack.com site will see an overall increase in site visitor numbers. I would also suggest due to a recent email for an advertising software product which targets different markets within the mechanisms of the application, we could expand our list base by purchase of this item, however at this stage until a purchase of new infrastructure mainly a new computer to add to processing recourses or joining partnership with another company and utilizing their infrastructure for duel commerce position, Lipcrack.com will remain at the same level of business process.

September 2007.
Stats. figures are in for September and we see an increase from last's months bounce back. In fact the site is approaching various high's in terms of previous set records in terms of visitor numbers. I would like to say these figures are promising, however
further investigation lead's me too believe that the figures may not be truly representative of site visitor numbers. Of course there is the fact that this mechanism does not record AOL visits (who are no longer included on mailing's as of this month, which may indicate that it would be more) , but it also appears that a robot is making an overly suspicious amount of visits to the site. You may also be aware via the new's that the computer crashed via a rather dubious encounter with a software program update and system reboot process which failed. In the process of getting systems operational again a number of further interesting events have presented themselves mainly in terms of what appear's to be odd dating records of uploaded files indicating that the files may have been transferred to a different server. Lipcrack have not determine why this has occurred and are currently waiting for a response to the issue, however in terms of keeping things honest I feel that these matters need to be resolved before any further work effort with promotions to lists continues. As such mailing to lists is on hold indefinitely. I will notify all interested parties when mailing resumes. This is merely a precautionary step to protect our interests in the building of Lipcrack.com and while monthly results may drop, it is in the interests of overall security of the site.

October 2007
This month's figure's dropped, interestingly not as low as expected. No mail was sent for the month of October which contributed to this down turn. There are a number of reason's why mailing has stopped, these include an excess of paperwork, animating, stress, also tests are being conducted on spider mechanisms it is also in protest to those that consider what we do, as not being work. It is unreasonable given current work load, appeal paperwork and current remuneration for duties performed, to expect any change in this situation. What this mean's is that for the month of November no mail will be sent. While Lipcrack consider our position in this matter, we will work to completing our first full length video. Lipcrack also consider it unreasonable that we have been releasing tracks for over 10 year's with no radio support or publicity from media networks and no support from local agencies that are in the music promotion business. We recognize that radio stations are not much more than advertising agencies these day's either for monopolistic record labels, that use music to drawn in customers so that they can charge for advertising on their stations. At least those band's receive a royalty for music performed, we don't receive that, and while there are people downloading our tracks, they are not contributing to the cost of keeping it running or for the need of more staff required for the ever expanding area's of business. We could be touring as a live performance, however that is going to require either our own tour or as tour support, we have not been offered any slot's on tours, most likely because Lipcrack are not your typical band, and on the occasion that we have, we've been asked to play free of charge, again we feel this is unreasonable. Not only that, in expanding the business there is little time for phonecall's regarding performances at entertainment venues. We are working toward's resolving some of these difficulties however again for the month of November, no mail will be sent due to conflict and competing tasks.
Is this a strike, perhaps you could call it that. However, we feel that it is now time for the Government to pay funding to organizations that are in growth stage, and to stop funding business which offer no future growth for the economy. We do not like seeing people sitting in offices getting funding and doing no work, when we have work to be done, and no funding, simple as that. While we would consider working as a subdivision of suitable business groups, none have been available to consider our offer or negotiate with us, so again, we are at a standstill. This does not affect me in anyway because I am not prepared to work for peanut's which is what I'm currently getting. And the fact that I stop doing this task is not at this stage going to make any difference to the bottom line because 1. No body is paying for the tracks they download, and 2. Unless there are some live performance gig's, there still won't be any income. This does not mean that Lipcrack are going to stop releasing on line, it just mean's that we are not going to over tax our bodies and mind's for nothing, and considering the improved economic conditions in Australia, it would be unwise to not to demand that people start paying attention to our need's of economic prosperity. So while this mean's a standstill on some area's of business operation, other's will continue to expand, and when a suitable time arises, mailing will commence again.

November 2007
For the month of November as can be expected figures dropped considerably. There were a number of reasons for this,
1. No mail being sent
2. Robots and Spider mechanisms being located. Due to these mechanisms providing hit's to the counter system a code was written and put on the server which tell's the stats mechanism not to record these results. The reason this was done is due to these mechanisms providing unreliable results for site numbers. It was found that one mechanism was providing a double hit ratio. Although it may appear as though we signed up for this site to monitor the website for uptime, at no time did we, with our knowledge sign up for it twice. Although we did receive two email's from them over a period of time this was probably due to double mailing, although we can not say for certain. The mechanism was located taking two months to pinpoint, and eradicate.
As such we believe any site visitors stats. that now appear are due to mailing responses.
A new product was made available at the end of November and as such with the spider mechanisms removed Lipcrack recommenced mailing. As can be seen per the following table, site visitors were near standstill proportions. However as per the figures highlighted in red, when mailing recommenced, we are back to bringing in reasonable site visitor numbers minus the spider mechanism visits. In the diagram the area highlighted in red with kb indicates that although site visitors were high 32, 30, 30 download size was minimal indicating a spider mechanism, while once spiders were removed bottom red area, actual download of files from site visitors is recorded.

December 2007
Site reports are in for December and considering Lipcrack have only just started mailing again things seem to be going quite well with all visitors being visitors and not robots or spiders. Figures are up from last month, with download's close to previous highs, with a comparison of site visitors this would indicate that less people are currently downloading more. We feel that these figures could be improved due to mailing only taking up 10% of resource time. Interestingly when comparing site stats 369 of these were unique visitors, which run's as our second best in terms of new customer visitors, Lipcrack also reached our second highest high in terms of return visitors, so again, these figures are happy figures.

January 2008
January has been a good month for Lipcrack in terms of visitor traffic, in terms of downloads site visitors downloaded the highest ever data at 988896Kb or just under 1 gig of data. We also had our third highest ever site visitor numbers with 1408 visitors. We also reached our highest ever new visitor inquires with over 500 for the month. That of course possibly sound's unbelievable considering that early in the month Lipcrack were informed we had exceeded our download/upload limit, which we deny, and have implemented a new security measure in terms of a traffic flow monitor on the computer which measures data transfers. These figures can be attributed to new data base mailings. Although prior to mailing the list, at the end of the month, we had already past last months figures. Lipcrack of course are pleased with these figures.

February 2008
February was another good month for Lipcrack in terms of visitor traffic with our largest downloads occurring in this month. We also topped our second highest visitor numbers, with the new figure now sitting at 1558. This was due in part to the new mail out to Entertainment Industry Reps.
At the moment, it is difficult to say that Lipcrack will reach this level again, without additional spending on new mailing lists. At the moment, this is not likely due to developmental software purchases. Although we may look at new list purchases in March. The software that was purchased to monitor uploads and downloads suggests as Lipcrack believe, we have not exceeded upload/download limits and this may have been an anti-competitive practice act by the ISP in Melbourne.

March 2008
March was a reasonable month in terms of site number visitors remaining high with over a 1000 visitors, but it's difficult to tell how reliable due to a number of outside circumstances playing havoc with them. Basically mid month I noticed that the site was down a number of times and was informed via the hosting company it was due to either Spam or exceeding the maximum limit of mail outs see 11th of March results for first indication of site being down. Following that I noticed downloads were also down in size, quite considerable for the amount of people turning out to visit. This may be due to the fact that Lipcrack were coming to the end of a mailout to the various states, with a number of country area's to included, and also due to the fact that we were in the Washington area , I won't expand on that. It may also be due to the fact that I have some suspicion the site was being tampered with. Following that the site was down for a period of over four days at the end of March, the suspension of account was lifted with conditions changing to a maximum mail out of 1000 mail per day. At the moment we have ceased mail out's all together and will for an undisclosed amount of time. Although some lists remain they are very old lists purchased prior to the Spam Law's, and little is known about their reliability for bringing in customers due to the age of the lists, nor where the lists originated. Lipcrack may run some tests on these in a month or two. I have included a copy of December 2007 results which provided similar numbers in terms of visitors turning out, I have done so as others may or may not agree, that download figures look suspicious when comparing similar numbers of individuals that turn out. As I said it may be due to the area's Lipcrack were distributing to the time and it may also be due to some type of server side manipulation of figures. Overall if the figures are correct, it would still indicate a high likability for Lipcrack despite the down days.

April 2008
Mail out's for April were suspended, and remain so. Surprisingly considering the month and the large number of down time's experienced on the hosting server, due to alleged updates, the site stats were quite reasonable with 551 visitors. Although people may say, "well your doing less than half your normal figures", if you take a look at November 2007 the last time we stopped mailouts , the site visitor numbers for the month were 471, when you combine that with the included item data of server down time day's, there is no doubt that site visitor numbers would be higher, thus confirming for the month of April at least a strengthening in the graph patterns for Lipcrack. At this stage there remains a halt on business mailing, with no plan's for recommencement. While Lipcrack has come a long way in terms of growth and development without continued support for developing the business internationally via those organizations which provide the infrastructure in which we do business, it does not seem worth while to waste precious time and effort without remuneration. Of course we are well aware of different tactics business groups will use to push others out of the marketplace. While there are no plan's at this stage to carry the business forward, there are no plan's to shut it down. You could say we are in a stalled position, however will hold this position until a suitable offer is made. Or until we decide to start pushing it again. Simple really.

May 2008
Results in for May were surprising with the highest number of site visits to date at 1975 for the month according to the Stats. log. Although initially these figures look positive, further analysis showed that they are deceptive in presentation and most certainly rigged. Basically an address was sending repeat hits to the site sit inetnum: - netname: -BJ descr: Beijing province network descr: China Network Communications Group Corporation descry: No.156,Fu-Xing-Men-Nei Street, descry: Beijing 100031. Our secondary stats. package reflects a more reliable figure given that Lipcrack are currently not mailing it's lists of about 284 which is actually up on the secondary stats. for last month at 270, these do not measure AOL visits.
Interestingly however total download KBytes is close to correct when cross referencing data, however it is difficult to determine where these downloads are coming from as they don't match daily download KBytes for the month, but do match the KBytes download for all countries visiting the site. The total daily download should add up to the total KBytes for all countries visiting the site, so I assume that someone is fiddling the back end of the website, which is our Hosting Company in the U. S. Over the past week a number of items that are obviously a miss including what appears to be mailbox redirects have been brought to the companies attention, however they deny any wrong doing also direct access to ftp via the browser is intermittently blocked. At this stage with some obviously shonky business going on, mailout's remain closed. Lipcrack would like to release more tracks but at this stage that seems unlikely. Most likely the best solution would be to move the site from this company, however they all appear to be as bad as each other.

July 2008
I did in the last results mention that due to a number of grievances that mail-outs would be stopped along with updates. As it is, I have enough information to prove my accusations against the Hosting Company which one would have thought, if they were taking money off us, to provide a service they would do it ethically. They have shown through their actions that they are not a worthy hosting company to host the business of Lipcrack.com.

In particular I bring to your attention, the latest stat's updates. In April business was concluded in terms of mailing. We were aware that Lipcrack was in a strengthening position in terms of a business operation. The decision to halt was based on a number of grievances across the board with the hosting ISP along with a negative position being held against business groups that should have been instigating action to consider Lipcrack as a business proposition for their books....via either a contract or record deal signing. We showed via stat's of the most recognized Australian Alternative Bands today that we were steadily gaining ground. I include those notes for detail again.

Lipcrack - 11,363,403
Grinspoon - 2,646,785
Hilltop Hoods - 1,076,084
Silverchair 1,825,773
Spiderbait 2,738,694

I bring that to your attention because these results are supplied via what one would assume is a non-biased site monitoring service. They also provide evidence to support the fact that the results of the last May/June/July via the hosting ISP although not incorrect in terms of the figures being higher, they are incorrect because the figures are being created by a false mechanism which is sending bogus hits to the main web site page. The site stats via the hosting company are in fact misleading.

I have enclosed a copy of the site stats via the third part mechanism.

If you look at the first results for Lipcrack.com here Lipcrack, you will infact notice that the results are now sitting at 18,828, 916 a percentage change of -57%, as per the results that was a loss of about 9,394,687. If you take that into account our actual figures before not only the hosting company changed policy on us, but also as mailing was halted means that our ranking had actually climbed to 9 434 229 from the original figure of 11,363, 403 which is quoted above. So we had actually climbed about 2 million on the ranking.

So following that, as you can imagine we have lost quite a bit of ground. But I justify some of this due to the lack of honesty and integrity along with practices that are being used against us in an effort to prevent our growth and development as a business. Now of course when I saw how our figures had dropped I decided to see how the above bands were doing. I was quite surprised and while removing the names of the bands, I have included their results in the following tables.
Table 1, Table 2, Table 3

In each case you see a progressive weakening of their current position.

Now I wish to bring to your attention, that this is very likely to happen to bands due to the fact that many only continue to climb while they are releasing tracks. When no new music is coming out their figures decline. I think the main reason we were continuing to climb is because unlike groups on a label, they have a blanketed reach as soon as their music comes out, e.g. it will be played on Triple JJJ, it will be played on Rage , it will be played on 107, or whatever medium all at the same time. I feel our figures were remaining constant due to the fact that, we can only release our music via one list at a time, which slows the process down. Not that I'm complaining because I do in face enjoy it when it comes to mail out time.

So what do I think this hold's for Lipcrack in the future, I still think we should have been signed to a label, and I feel the major's have indeed discriminated against us. No two doubts about it. And I think they should be held accountable for that. I have contacted the hosting department again today about the site not downloading correctly and while they are suggesting that they will shift it to a different server, I dispute that this is the problem. In fact over the last week they have removed the facility to block the web site that is providing the false site stats, and it was previously available. When I brought it to their attention today they informed me that it isn't. I pointed out via the instructions of the software that they use, that function is available, as well as the fact that they can limit bandwidth, again things that they have been denying. So I feel that not only should the site be moved, but legal action should be sought against their company.

In the meantime, while I have checked up with the credit card facility and the redirection on the link I was informed of some information, however I will need to re:check this due to the fact that it does seem inconsistent with other information. I will report back on that later.
As it is, I have been planning to buy another computer so that mailing can be run from a separate machine, however, it seems pointless until issues are resolved. Those are the facts.

2008 Total Visitors
After some time down recording stats. due to various grievances, it's time for an update. The same situation exists from the previous month, basically there are as usual a number of what I consider false readings due to an organization originating in China sending out bogus hit's to the site main page. It's not so bad though because there are a reasonable number of valid visits to the site, mainly from the U.S., Australia. Following that from the last update regarding stats., the site mail appears to be working fine, and all files are back in their correct place. Only one site I am aware of it's registering an error with the webmaster@lipcrack.com mail address, and that will be checked thoroughly when mail is started up again next month.
Following that a new computer has been purchased, mail is running from the old machine due to some incompatibility issues, although there are a number of programs that could run it from the new computer it doesn't seem appropriate to be making purchases in that area. The plan is to expand the network that Slipcases promotes it's music through. There has been some overseas interest and it requires sending discs which I am in the process of putting together for the interested parties. Also the plan to perform live is on the agenda, and will require some networking, and establishing some working relations with a number of music industry representatives.
Click the 2008 total visitors to access stats for 2008.

2009 Jan-March.
As always there's checks to be run on the site to ensure that stats. are reasonably reliable, might even consider utilizing a third party stats. company to confirm this soon, as we look at some new updates for the Lipcrack site. Despite it being a difficult start to the year emotionally thing's haven't gone so bad in terms of visitors to the site, in fact if the stats. are reliable then we are in fact having our best run to date with highest ever visitor turn out, and highest downloads. Click date to confirm site visitors for the three month period. Due to time constraints date will be published every three months. I am hoping to get more mail out this month, despite the fact that the ISP's have restricted data flows, and despite the fact that many of the emails no longer seem to be valid, the lists still bring in significant visitor amounts, so I'm still happy to utilize them. That's all.

2009 April-June.
Haven't implemented a third party stats. application as yet, but is still under consideration. April saw us reach highest visitor number turn out's to date with a subsequent decline through to June with low level visitor numbers. Secondary stats data conflicts with this data, which indicates while there has been a regress in the number of visitors, it is up from March figures. Overall the number of visitors to the site is increasing with repeat visitors making up the highest proportion of visitors with new visitors to the site declining slightly. This data seems likely as we are mailing in area's previously visited. Plan's to increase new visitor numbers are underway with new marketing campaigns to business groups. A recent computer breakdown, has delayed mail outs, a new computer is on the way, and should be operational within two weeks if all goes to plan.

2009 July - Sept
So as you might have noticed the home page of the website now has a third party stats. application running on it, which while not perfect, and by no mean's indicative of where all site visitors are coming from, was quite a neat application which add's a new dimension to the Lipcrack. At the moment plan's are to run it for a year and following that make a decision as to how the site will look. If you click the link above you will notice that for July Lipcrack hit rock bottom for site visitors and slowly have been crawling our way out of it, which we managed to do quite well and as per the stats., and even reached a new high, however as reported else where this may be due to the fact that more mail went out, and we also removed an application that stops robots from crawling the site. This was done in order to have a mechanism which time stamps our site recognize it, however this mechanism belongs to another network which at this stage, looks like it is deliberately making every attempt to cover up site changes, most likely to protect it's own network's from legal infringement claims. I'm not saying this is 100% correct, but could be, other time stamp indications by various other sites at this stage are not indicating recent changes or upgrades and I am conscious of this and monitoring it due to the fact that the web site might not be accessible in certain areas.
Overall these stats. are very similar to world conditions at the moment in terms of down turns, however again Lipcrack seem to have come out of the other side of it, reasonably well.
In terms of the secondary site stats. back up results this showed us reaching some peaks in terms of return visitors and first time visitors.
Despite some very trying times with our current hosting company, things have been reasonable for this period. Lipcrack are looking to moving the site to a new hosting company, we have found an organization that offers a more modern landscape for site development, the decision to move the site will be made in the following months. The hosting company we are with assures us it's ironing out some internal problems however these affect us, and when it effects the way we manage our own resources it is difficult to see the business relationship maintaining. However we are prepared to give it some time and consideration.

2009 Nov- May 2010
Well obviously once again, Lipcrack faced the usual web-site management difficulties over this extended per
iod, which began when we were informed the web hosting company we were hosting with had gone in to bankruptcy, we still don't know if this information is correct and all information is pointing to that it was in fact a strategy move to get us to move to a site where our mailing would be limited, which has obviously occurred. Finding a suitable web hosting company at the right price has been difficult and may require another move, or a different strategy implemented which is currently being worked on. Fact is we are not going to pay a company to send mail we can send ourselves. So what has occurred, we suffered considerable downtime while shifting the site and once again getting it fully operational. Currently operations side in terms of hosting is spot on. The site was redeveloped and again, couldn't be happier with it in terms of functionality. So that only leaves results. Again these would be difficult to interpret correctly unless you were aware of what's been going on. So here goes, with out previous host we were able to send 2000 mail daily we can now only send 1000 which obviously is half the amount, site mailings were not possible until the site was up and running and during that time site visitors dropped off in accordance with downtime. However since about March mail started going out again, and we are currently running at about the same, as we were prior, give that we have half as much mail going out. e.g., Dec. 2009 had about 2347 visitors with 2000 mail going out, now we have 1263 which is actually over half of 2347 with 1000 mail going out, so you could say, even though we have less we are actually doing better ( because we'd most likely have 1263x2
which is higher than 2347). The March result has only 8 visitors because they experienced an error at the hosting company. Only issue is that these lists are very outdated, but we have updated the technology so that they are being cleaned to about 98% efficiency, which will make subsequent mailings very efficient and highly targeted. Again while we did have a perfect mail system when the software company updated the program, it messed up our operations, while we could move to a different program, it works so isn't necessary, however it will be considered. As operations are very intensive results we'll be posted every six months so that things keep moving without too many interruptions.

Oct 2010- Nov 2010
Don't ask me what happened during July to September, I was only taking a look and reporting it via the online journal. Things were okay and the last result I have recorded is 1222 visitors for July. Due to a change in hosting companies some results were not recorded. However going into October results did not record on the server until about the 6th of October so there's no data for the change over. As of Oct 6th there were 1018 visitors for the month and when we average about 37 a day for this area most likely we'd still be sitting with the highest visitor numbers to date. Following that the month of November results again are still good in terms of site visitors although we've gone through similar experiences with alleged Spam complaints, this time we've held our own, because of investments into certain technology in which has given us significant empirical data to disprove the claims.
However mail was restricted for a period of time and the results to some extent reflect this. November stats are sitting at 1113 visitors for the month.
Again the four day's and counting down time, is reflecting in the results and has to some extent carried into December. Results though are still looking good for this month.
Hopefully all issues with the current provider will be resolved soon and we can get back to mailing our lists interruption free.
A number of items came to Lipcracks attention as per using our new software including delay's in mail send out's to our lists with registered domain names and also delays in delivery of some mail. Most likely this would cause a small discrepancy in visitor numbers although not greatly. While we can send more mail with the new company, because the lists are still effectively being cleaned from outdated emails and closed accounts we won't have a clear indication of our mail efforts until we return to them mailing from the time they have been cleaned.

Although changes have been made in terms of hosting companies, and mail numbers, the task is no easier or faster due to things like mail halts and responding to paperwork we are receiving. So I have to say despite our improvements in our services, the task itself is no less difficult.

Lipcrack recognize the potential of our vision and the knowledge we have gained from experience. We also recognize this experience does not come without cost. Therefore for those wanting a more detailed analysis of the Internet and the Market place potential, Lipcrack provide a more concise breakdown of these business results for a fee of $20 U.S. These results are suitable for business investors, potential buy out business groups. In the event that Liopcrack become a public listed company these results are also available to our potential investors.