Please be aware what follows is a catalogue of out-takes from the initial development plan's of Lipcracks first animation production release. It merely acts as a guide of reference as to when the production first commenced with character creation to scene development and one day final production. It is an evolving production and images and animations reflect some of the errors and some of the successes along the way. It in no way represents the final production, but again, merely provides a few examples as token gestures for image and animation collectors, and other members of our audience, of mistakes and successful process
development along the journey of animation creation.

1. Bad Make Over Day. (Nov. 6th 2005)

2. Can You Hula. (Nov. 6th 2005)

3. Love Session (Nov. 6th 2005)

Character Creation For Coming Attraction

1. Crew Member (March 26th 2006)

2. Alien Rock Avi Animation (March 11th 2006)

Initial Tests from Gunners Lab for Voice Synchronization with Android Life Forms (May 27th) :

1. Model 1, Synthetic, first test for voice compatibility with male android.

2. Model 2, Android life form appears to have difficulty in simulating human vocalizations.

3 Model 3, First voice sync with programmed gestures and vocalizations.

Exploring Alien Landscapes and Alien Creatures (May 31st 06)

1. Movement and Landscapes, and a solution is found.

Lighting Test

1. Initial Lighting Problems, this image is classified A.O., (Adults Only) (June 6 th)

First Tests with Camera Movement and Figure Movement.

1. Camera Movement June 14th 06

Tests for hair movement.

1. So Ice has freaky hair. July 4th 06

2. Simulating hair follicle growth. July 5th 06

Creating Scenes

1. Working with effects in scenes July 6th 06

Character Creation For Coming Attraction

1. Block Brain, second character release. July 7th 06.

Music Score/Soundtrack Clip

1. Dragon Dance July 10th 06

Testing Block Brain Cell Pads.

1. Cell pad's working.

2. Sound and Movement. July 11th 06


1. Night Lights July 12th 06

Character Creation For Coming Attraction

1. Lady Dragonfly, third character release July 19th 06

2. Testing Weapons System July 19th 06

3. Beware (Adult Only Content) July 23 06

Character Creation for Coming Attraction

1. The Captain July 23 06

Space Travel Commences

1. First travel sequence July 25th 06

Character Creation for Coming Attraction

1. Gunner July 31st 06

2. Iceexplosive August 1st 06, replaces previous March 26th character.

3. Rune August 2nd 06

Combining scene, sound and movement.

1. First test draft quality August 17 06

2. Second test draft quality. August 17 06

Adding Additional Sound Elements.

1. Third test August 20th 06.

Modelling of 3 - D Objects
Basic modeling with primitives to form complex objects.

The Jewel Stone is a combination of the creator elements it represents the forces of creation and holds
immense power to its holder.

Testing software applications for suitability within working environment. August 25th 06.

1. In this small insert we look at the inner workings of the Block Brain, and how one would escape. It is
quite difficult.

2. Preparing the Cosmic Tunnel August 25th 06.

3. Planet Terrains August 26th 06.

Character Creation Update.

1 Dragonfly August 31st 06 replaces previous July 19th release. Skin texture added.

The Gift Range or Collectors Items

1. A sample image from the range of clothing and gifts currently being developed. September 2nd 06.

3 -D Screen Savers Collection (Four to be made available.) September 7th 06.

1. Extreme Cubism 3-D
/Music Screen Saver.
This item is free to download. It can be registered for $4.00 U.S. which will remove the reminder notice.

Working with Captions

1. Lipcrack Productions testing software for intros. September 10th 06.

Effects Tests
1. Walking with Dragonfly September 10th 06.
2. A passing space creature September 10th 06.

Working with Overlays.
1. Gunner and his plasma. September 13th 06.
2. A Blue Screen. September 25th 06.
3. Morphing Characters. September 25th 06.
4. Blue Screen perfected. October 4th

Cellular Activity
Rhyd's Cell October 1st 06

Preparing the Heat
1. Dragon Fires October 7th 06

First Proto Types
1. The Chameleon Dec 16th 06
2. The Silicanation Chamber Dec 16th 06
3. Techno Agents Dec 16th 06

Collaborative Music Item
1. Zen Space - A musical item created on a voyage of discovery in Cyber Space. Ice meet's Japanese technology which enables the fusion of thought and sound between music lovers found in Australia and Japan in a simultaneous sound dialogue conversation. Dec 17th 06 .

The Environmental Issue
Chloro Fluoride Carbon's (CFC's) create a hole in the esoteric tunnel. Dec 18th 06.

Building of City Scapes Commences.
1. Life on Earth created Feb 1st 07.
This process includes the use of pre fabricated city modular blocks. 5 Mb file.

2. Horizon Cities
First images of cities on Earth created May 06.

3. Pyramid Skies
Series of four images in the design of Cosmic Desert Cities created May 06. This process was not only looking at building design and materials but also angels of camera shot's to bring most life and interest to the development process.


Recommence of Development June 5th 2007.
Current render's made available online are taken during the process of refreshing development skill's across the three software platforms to be utilized in the building of animations. They may or may not reflect the final production.

1. Gunner

Captures from Animations July 25th 2007.

1. Night Sky
2. Cloud Approaching August 8th 2007.
3. Scrap Heap Out takes August 20to 2007. This is about a 28 MB file for about 12 seconds of footage that is considered out take material. It's had two different filter effects applied to give it an acid extremism feel. This effect is not used in this section of the footage, but later when the Techno Head's arrive, it will reemerge.
4. Return to Black and White September 03 2007. Again a small file this time in Grey Scale to disguise the final footage output, the purpose here is to demonstrate the complexity in bringing simple life movement into a 3-D animation space.
5. Bad Transmission September 09th 2007. Working with equipment to represent a frequency disturbance in transmission. Out take. Filter overlay applied.

Experimenting with Sound Track
Candy Racket - A song based on Blockheads and Rockheads. First demo release September 12th 2007.

Computing Systems
Inside the Brain - A look at computing systems operation. October 17th 2007.
Systems - The Alignment Begins. October 18th 2007.
Processing - Data interpretation. October 29th 2007.

Acidman Promotions
Iceblue - colors of ice November 15th 2007.
Switch the Channel - promotional avi gif for web viewers and avatar collectors. November 15th 2007.

Off Limit's
The Cargo Bay - Experimenting with guns and equipment. November 27th 2007.

12 Emperor Character Tests.
1. and 2. Initial experiments with head modeling for the 12 Emperors, also some expression work. December 12th 2007.

More Character Changes
The Final Block Brain Character Completed. December 15th 2007.
Block Brain Cities December 21st 2007.
Blockbrain in Action - January 20th 2008.

Intermission - Lament Acoustic MP3 Building with Blocks. January 30th 2008.

The Probe Leaving Dock - February 27th 2008.
Musical Insert - SKATESKANK MP3 , Short Insert MP3, song lyrics still to be completed in terms of working with sketch outline, . March 5th 2008.
Awaiting contact - Dark Imposition - March 14th 2008.
Milky Way - First images of the star system. April 7th 2008.
Digital Orbiting - image map, April 29th 2008.
Flight Simulation - testing updated software capabilities April 29th 2008. This segment is not in the production.
Waters Rising - A White Wall is coming, one of the more artistic cell renders. May 1st 2008.
Back on Earth - All is not as it seems. May 6th 2008.
Through the Eyes of an Earthling - An eye reversal. May 17th 2008.
Block Calculations - Checking out calculating systems. May 21st 2008.
Computing - rendered at the wrong size, but is actually an insert from the production in disguised format . May 21st 2008.
Barren Land - First images of Block Brains Barren Land. May 27th 2008.
Ice and Block - parting scene. June 5th 2008.
Computing 2 - Relating to Ice. June 16th 2008.
Ice Sketches - Stone Emerging. June 18th 2008.
Testing Dialogue - voice computability tests. June 18th 2008.
Star Chart Room - discussion with computing systems. June 29th 2008.
Blown Mapping - color distortion. July 17th 2008.
Alien Race - moving into sensitive areas. July 21st 2008.
Getting ready to Ride - The Decks are cleared. August 3rd 2008.
Back to Block World - Avi of avoiding blocks. August 11th 2008.
Toko Bomb's - Sensory Overload. August 11th 2008.
Mapping Systems Check - August 27th 2008.
Birth of a Galaxy Series - August 27th 2008.
Space and time travel - September 3rd 2008.
Meeting with Strangers - September 17th 2008.
Setting the Scene - October 2nd 2008.
Bar Girl - October 8th 2008.
Customer 1 - October 18th 2008.

Extended break for sampling music software.

Lunch is served - December 5th 2008.
The Plain Crossing, rough draft - December 9th 2008.

2009 Commences
Synthetics Defrag - January 5th 2009.
Swirling Landscapes - January 27th 2009.
Desert City - January 31st 2009.
Sample Comic Page - 2 February 2009.
How To Survive a Fanger - 25th February 2009.
Another Surprise - 12th March 2009.
Ohht Ohhhh - 18th March 2009.
Dead Bones - Abstract testing 30th March 2009.
Rune Mystic - Finalizing Rune's look and clothing for animation. 30th March 2009.
Facing Rune - Dare you look upon the face of Rune 2 April 2009.
Do Not Enter - 3 April 2009.
In The Shadow's - A look at the entrance to Rune's lair. 9th April 2009.
Runes Lair - Moving visualization of the entrance 1.10 MB. 10th April 2009.
Voice Takes - Rune Character. Sunday 12th April 2009.
Discussions - Ice and Rune meet. Tuesday 21st April 2009.
Following Rune - Wednesday 3rd of June 2009.
Dark Chamber - Tuesday 23rd June 2009.
Emerging - July 6th 2009.
Flight - 11th July 2009.

Commence Back In Time Progress Report, re :edits and re:build commences :

Back in time - August 18th 2009.
Operating Systems _ 8th September 2009.
Stairway to Heaven - 28th December 2009.


Don't Wake Me Up - 20th January 2010.
Entering the Zone- 3rd July 2010.
Crossing the Platform -9th July 2010. 13MB 2/sec
Star Gazing Gunner -22nd July 2010.
In the Mist - 9th August 2010. (first version later replaced).
The Hex - 21st August 2010.
A Vacancy - 15th October 2010.
At the Controls 19th October 2010.


An Invitation- 2nd July 2011.
Scarey Bit -6th July 2011.

Updates when Lipcrack Can.