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The Unknown Ep
Too Big 3:52   
On That Bus 5:36 Unreleased 
Everybody 4:04 Unreleased 
Rock Bottom Low 3:32 
Oligopoly 3:16 Unreleased 
The Right One 2:09 Unreleased 
Released 2022


Kamasutra Mood
- Track Length 3:45 Unreleased
Junkboat - Track Length 6:28 Unreleased
Guitar Man - Track Length 4:38

The Great Buy Off - Track Length 3:18 Unreleased
The Drinking Tune - Track Length 4:26
Sell Out - Track Length 2:55
Released 2018

Manufactured World - Track Length 3:04 Unreleased
Judgement Day - Track Length 4:24 Unreleased
Taco Sauce - Track Length 3:34 Unreleased

Cracked Up - Track Length 2:32
Seafood and Salt - Track Length 3:37
- Track Length 3:19
Released 2017

Ice Cap's - Track Length 4:23 Unreleased
Blue Skin - Track Length 3:34 Unreleased
Sanity Calamity - Track Length 5:24 Unreleased
Ohm Song - Track Length 2:48 Unreleased

Never Liked You - Track Length 5:07
Released 11th February 2014 (C)(P) Lipcrack All Rights Reserved.

No Sorry's Track Length 3:18
Released 25th May 2013 (C)(P) Lipcrack All rights reserved.
Voodoo Doll Track Length 6:09
Released 16th November 2011(C)(P) Lipcrack All Rights Reserved.
EP Released 2015

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