Log Line : The evolution of a mortal being to the celestial plains guided by intuition and a space age skateboard.

Brief Synopsis : The adventure unfolds in the new age where dynamic beings come into existence for the purpose of maintaining balance among the diverse Kingdoms of Nature. Rhyd an ordinary boy is assigned the task unbeknown to him to maintain an ecological balance on planet Earth. His journey begins when he purchases a futuristic skate board that enables him to communicate with higher beings. As a part of his normal life goings he is thrown into a variety of real life situations with extremely dynamic characters which bring him closer to his first purpose as defined by the higher beings. This is his first adventure and concludes with his second task defined.

Log Line : As evolution forges its path our mortal being Rhdy is subject to life in an inter dimension of time and space where normal rationality leaves and faith is the only thing left to guide.

Brief Synopsis : Back from his first adventure and with an array of new evolutionary specific adjustments, Rhyd is thrown into a deep space adventure of melding spiritual practices and outer planetary inhabitants who are driven by there desires for conquering Earth to take charge of precious resources Rock and Metal. This space trip is driven by a Radio Active Technology Merchant whose first in command is a Dragon Spirit Princess, it appears the diabolic forces they hold between them will see them in control. That is unless an Ice Centurian who seem's to have captured the heart of a renegade Captain can stop them. Problem being of course that Rhdy who has a habit of turning up when least expected throws the whole course of history Out of Sync and Out of time.